Monday, October 15, 2012

bits of news

My sister is stateside!  She has actually been here since the beginning of the month and I haven't seen her yet.  She spent a week in Manhattan with her partner John and they had a fab time crossing things off their bucket list as they visited places all over the city.  Now they are winding their way through New England and this morning they are leaving Boston after a three day stay there.  They get to us the last week of October and I have been busy trying to catch up on my quilting so that I can enjoy their time here with us.  We are going to Broadway one night so I will be sure to blog about that!!

It is hard to believe that our Pieces from the Heart Quilt Show was on again this past weekend.  Where did that 2 years go to?  I was thrilled to see quite a lot of customer quilts that I had quilted displayed in the show.  Still have to pinch myself that this is my job!  We have so many talented quilters in our county, and one of the very talented is this years featured quilter, Susan Reed.  Her work is so inspiring and just beautiful. 

two of the quilts that I quilted there were in the show..

Our chickens have started laying eggs and we are terribly excited to be eating fresh eggs for breakfast.  They do taste delicious but we don't have cooked breakfast during the week so I am thinking that some of my friends in the area will be sharing our eggs!  On the weekends when John is at home, we let the chooks free range and the dogs are very good at herding them back into their coop in the evening.  In fact they look forward to it.

Ruby earning her keep!

Lastly, a couple of recent pics of my darling granddaughter in Australia.  She is 7 months old now and growing up fast.


Time to start my day.  I will try and get back here more often.  Ooroo.


Sr Crystal Mary said...

Hiya Robbie, Your granddaughter is adorable, so sweet. I bet you want to hug her to you. I just love your quilts you are a wonderful craftswoman... well done.
Love Crystal

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh sweetie - it was so good to see you and wish I had more time to visit at the show, but you arrived as we were tearing down to head home (and I froze all weekend). Glad to see you at a glimps here and so glad you had a delightful visit back home.

Sue said...

Such a beautiful baby and she has the most wonderful big dark eyes. Enjoy your sister's visit, I'm planning a trip to the US next year and would love some tips and recommendations if you have any to share!