Friday, November 14, 2008

Johnny comes marching home again...

The crazyness just gets crazier around here. Our house has been put on the rental market. Kinda scary but something we must do in these tough economic times. Maybe down the track we will sell it,maybe we won't. I do hope that whoever lives here, loves it as much as we do - so peaceful and tranquil.

John lovesssss his new job. He is not overwhelmed at all, which is just like him! He really likes his team and seems to be settling in very well. He hates living in a motel!! But the good news is - he will be leaving at 6am this morning and driving home for the weekend. woooooohooooooo. If this house is rockin - don't come a knockin. LOL LOL

He spent all last weekend out and about with an agent, looking for houses to buy. We have also been looking on line together at night and have found a couple that he will go look see at next week. One I like a lot! It is 100 years old, renovated, 22 acres with a babbling brook and bridge. Good price too! The taxes in NY are a killer, most around the Albany area are around 5k a year. wow! Anyway it is looking good with lots of houses available and really a buyers market. We are excited. Just hope we can find, buy and settle by the first part of January because that is when we hope to be out of here. I am giving it all up to the higher power.

While John was busy house hunting up there last weekend, I finished up a couple of swaps I am in. One was a sweet apron swap and the other a punk rock dotee swap. It was fun to be sewing again and I cannot wait to have more time for that past time!

Life is pretty hectic through the week, with looking after the 4 dogs and Ivan and David and trying to leave for work at 6.40 each morning. It has sure been a challenge but worth it as I try to think of why I am doing this and how much harder it is for John being in that wretched motel!

The leaves are falling fast now and old man winter will be upon us in no time. This has been one of the prettiest of falls since I arrived in the USA. There is so much to look forward to for us. Zac arrives in December and my sister and her boyfriend too. We will have a fantastic Christmas with them all.