Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vetti Poo's Birthday

This is my friend Yvette who has the cube next to mine at work. She is a beautiful person inside and out. I took the photo last year when she turned 40. Tomorrow she turns 41 and I have made her this tote bag for her gift.
Happy Birthday Vetti Poo.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ok now I am up to date!

Woohoo.....I have just copied and pasted my old blog posts from Yahoo 360 over to here. Some won't make sense until I finally put the photos and songs back in to the posts. Be patient! I feel so cleansed having done this. Please, please, please don't act up on me Blogger, I am keeping the faith!

Third Blogger Post February 7 2007

Thursday, February 7, 2008
The personalities of dogs..

We have two Border Collies. They are siblings but not litter mates. They were born 8 months apart. These two dogs could not be more different than if they were different breeds! Ruby is the eldest and my baby girl. She is so loved and yet she is so aloof toward us humans. When she is in the house she is very obedient, loving and calm. She sleeps in our room, on the floor in front of our bed. She started sleeping in a crate in our room and from there went to our bed one stormy night and now she is on the floor. Occasionally she wants to stay outside at night if it is warm and we do not argue with her as she has a nice igloo out there and she is fenced in and safe. Afterall she is a dog right? LOL. When Ruby is outside with her brother, Brissy and her big sister Sheba (a labx) she has absolutely NO ears! I am serious. She totally ignores us. And heaven forbid if she escapes, we can holler till the cows come home and she won't come to us. It is soooooooo frustrating, we have tried to bribe her with treats and rewards but nothing seems to work. She was so easy to train in other ways.
Now Brissy on the other hand is a people dog. No matter what he is doing, he will come to you if called. He is so affectionate and willing to do whatever to please you. These doggies love each other to bits. I do think Ruby is a little neurotic though and this is not uncommon in BC's. She tends to play bite at Brissys neck and make a faux growling noise when we are around and she runs underneath him and tries to tip him over. He is so much bigger than her now! Ahhh they are so fun to watch. Even the older dog, Sheba joins in their fun and she is starting to mimick some BC traits now....the crouching etc. Sheba is the laid back one of the bunch but she does not miss a beat. She can hear everything relating to food that is spoken in our house and adjusts her position by the backdoor accordlingly! They are all different just like we are and they are much loved members of our family!

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Second Blogger Post February 6 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008
Taking a little course..

In case you didn't know, I am an early to bed, early to rise girl. Once I wake, it is very hard for me to get back to sleep. I toss and turn until it is agreed upon by me and Ruby, my faithful pooch, that it is a reasonable time to get up. My husband never stirs, he is use to my wretchedly early risings. This morning it was 3.20am.
The weather here in central Va is incredibly warm these past couple of days. Yesterday we reached a record high of 76 and today will be about the same. The average temp for this time of year is 46. We need a really good cold snap to freeze away all the bugs......cold and flu bugs and garden variety bugs!!!! A tent caterpilla free spring and a japanese bug free summer would be awesome!
Tonight I have to rush home from work and get dinner for David and me. John is going to Baltimore for work today so tonight I am on my own and I have to be back out of the house by 6pm to drive to my first course class. I am doing a digital photography course and tonight is my first class. It is very exciting.....even if I learn one new thing it will be one thing more than I know now. I want to be able to use my camera to the best of it's ability. I am excited!

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First Blogger Post - February 5 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008
Ok here I am..

I have landed in Google Blogtown. I would love to be able to bring my posts from Yahoo 360 over but I don't think there is a way. Think I have made the right choice by blogging here.....hope I have.

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January 27 - February 7 2008

Me bad..
I must have been real bad. Yahoo 360 is punishing me for it! I cannot read messages at all unless they are comments on my blogs. Sorry, I am not ignoring anyone! I still have not blogged on Multiply and not sure if I will. But I wont be blogging back here unless something changes....radically!! I will keep reading everyone elses blogs though and commenting on those. I will keep you posted on when and where my next blog will be
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I dare you..
Ok I am joining the fray...

This is copied and pasted from Mona's blog -

'I call this game "I dare you!" and every Friday I will dare you to show me something! (Nothing nude or nasty!!) Obviously it has to be your own photos, or graphics!

This Friday, until next, I dare you to show me anything you got that is made of glass.'

and here is my piece of glass....a little hummingbird that I actually found in Australia last year. It is locally blown, fancy that eh, a hummingbird from Oz!

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This is a real tear jerker...
Peter Allen 's - I still call Australia home. If you look at the bottom of this video when it is finished, there are many other lovely versions of the song . They are advertisements for QANTAS.

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Happy Austrlalia Day (belated)

On Saturday I went to an Australia Day afternoon with a bunch of Aussie and Kiwi expats from the area. We all usually get together for this day each year and for Anzac Day. The beer and wine were flowing and there was much good old Aussie tucker to be eaten. It is really nice to be around my countrymen and women and share stories of immigrations trials and tribulations, trips home, adjusting to driving on the right, food analysis and the list goes on. The American partners of some of us are very good sports at these events where we are usually all a little less refined than usual. LOL.

Australia Day.
Australians are a funny lot, you'll often hear one curse,
How things have started badly, and they'll probably get worse,
The weathers dry, the sun's so hot it's stolen all the water,
The Government has never done the things we think they oughta'.

But if we hear a tourist say his home is much more grand,
They had better be prepared to make a very solid stand.
For although we Aussies may complain at what's become our lot,
When someone knocks this country, we defend with all we've got.

We may criticize some teenage brat, may even wish them failure,
But we stand behind them cheering when they're playing for Australia.
Because, if this is home to you, the country of your birth,
Then you back the native player to beat anyone on Earth.

When the cricket bats are swinging or when someone scores a try,
When a home grown horse has won the cup and made the owner cry,
When some paralympic athlete hits the front and sets the pace,
You'll hear 'Aussie Aussie Aussie' as the crowd goes off their face.

And although we like to take a break in overseas locations,
If you take the time to question this nomadic population,
They will tell you without blinking that wherever they may roam,
The best part of the journey was the last bit, ....coming home.

For the sun was never brighter on the beach at Waikiki,
Than it is on all the sandy shores Australia has to see,
The water never purer nor the air as fresh and clear,
The people never friendlier than those that we have here.

If you venture to the outback where grass is scarce as snow,
As you swelter you may wonder what it was that made you go,
But just look at the locals who have lived there since their birth,
And I know you will not find a better class of folk on earth.

All across this wide brown country from the Cape to Hobart town,
There are people who will help you when you find the chips are down,
And if someone should abuse you, and does it just because,
Then that person's not Australian, and that person never was.

So when you feel disgruntled just remember this rendition,
And never blame the country for the acts of politicians,
Look up and count your blessings when you see our flag unfurled,
And be grateful that you live in the best country in the world.

Happy Australia Day.

26th January.

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Lemon Chess Pie recipe
Lemon Chess Pie
This is a good, old-fashioned, never-fail pie. 2 cups sugar 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon cornmeal 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 cup butter, melted 2 teaspoons grated lemon rind 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice 1/4 cup milk 4 eggs 1 unbaked 9-inch pie shell Preheat oven to 350°F.

Combine sugar, flour, cornmeal and salt. Add the melted butter, lemon rind, lemon juice and milk; mix well.

Add the eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Pour into an unbaked 9-inch pie shell. Bake for 50 minutes. ok here is my attempt, it got the thumbs up!Tags: lemonchesspie, recipe, | Edit Tags

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January 5 - 17 2008

Snow, sleet and rain.....making of ice?
It snowed heavily for a couple of hours this morning. Turned to rain and now it is sleeting. Yes that probably means nice icey roads tonight! Yuck! Becareful out there folks, especially look out for that black ice on the bridges and overpasses. I took off today, sore throat and aches and pains so it worked out well considering that the snow came down at the commute time this morning. The three of us have been home relaxing today, nothing much else to do in this kinda weather. Think I may go and make a hot toddy!

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January Temps..
We have had a mild January so far this year. Some days the temps have been unseasonably warm. My first January in Va was a cold one with snow and ice on the ground for most of the month. I don't think many days got to be above freezing that year. That was January 2004. The next year was similar but the Januarys since have been milder. Global warming??? In fact Australia Day on January 26th 2004 arrived in Richmond Va with 6 inches of snow. A fair amount by standards here. John and I walked with Sheba to a park where kids sled when it snows. I think I have a pic of that. It was tough going because I did not have proper snow boots then. A very beautiful day though, I loved my first experience walking in snow. Since then I have really got OVER it. LOL. I don't want to drive in it either!

Gaile this is for you...

10-Day Driving Forecast for
Powhatan, VA (23139)

Forecast Conditions High/Low °F Precip.
Chance Precipitation Wind Speed High Temperatures Low Temperatures
Jan 14 Partly Cloudy
49°/28° 20%
20 %
Better Gas Mileage
Jan 15 Mostly Sunny
47°/24° 20%
20 %

Jan 16 Mostly Sunny
50°/30° 10%
10 %

Jan 17 Showers
47°/32° 40%
40 %
Get Tips for Driving in the Rain
Jan 18 Mostly Cloudy
48°/22° 10%
10 %

Jan 19 Partly Cloudy
42°/20° 10%
10 %

Jan 20 Partly Cloudy
36°/27° 10%
10 %
Better Gas Mileage
Jan 21 Sunny
47°/31° 0%
0 %

Jan 22 Partly Cloudy
52°/30° 10%
10 %

Jan 23 Partly Cloudy
51°/28° 10%
10 %
Check Vehicle Safety Ratings

as you can see the next weeks temps are fairly mild. 50f = 10cHave a great week everyone! xoxo

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In Memory of Dan Fogelberg...'Leader of the Band'

RIP Dan Fogelberg 8/15/51 - 12/16/07
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Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken is a staple food for most Southerners. John showed me how to fry chicken the first week I was in America. I begrudgingly did this for the first year.....every Sunday without fail. I never ate it but I would cook it for him and David along wtih a huge pot of mashed potatoes.

Year 2 I decided that I was no longer going to be cooking Fried Chicken and asked him to kindly eat it elsewhere as I did not want to be the one to offer him up this deadly combo of grease and chicken skin. LOL.He was fine with that and so we started to have other bad but not as bad Sunday dinners.....Baked Ham, Meatloaf, Roasted Chicken, Roast Beef, Roast Pork. Salad, grilled meat or fish never make to our Sunday Dinners.

Welllllllll just for a special treat I did make a pan of Fried Chicken this past Sunday and you would have sworn it was Christmas. I think John fell in love with me all over again. Whovever said the way to a man's heart is through his stomach is absolutely correct!!! So I fixed myself up some Pad Thai, enough to feed me for a week, and we all sat down and ate our respective Chicken dinners.

On a side note. Yahoo is being a pain in the butt and most times I cannot retrieve messages that ones leave me. Seems that comments don't appear at other times. I am seriously thinking of taking my typing fingers and my thoughts and heading off elsewhere to dribble on. Maybe google? I will keep ya posted.

Have a peaceful week all. xx
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Fun with a hat (and a few beers)
When we got together with my family for my daughter, Louize's birthday as well as Thanksgiving, this old hat was passed around and I snapped pics of some of the results. It is amazing how one hat can transform the look of a person. Warrick looks very Irish, Gaile looks very cheeky! We had a lot of fun that night. More blogs and snippets from our trip to come...








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December 21 - January 1 2008

Finished Tote
It was a cold start to the year here, windy and chilly. Perfect weather for sewing! John headed off on one of the last days of hunting season, David decided to tidy his room so I went merrily off to my sewing room and did not come out until I had that baby finished! I tell a lie, I did come down once to make a cup of tea. I decided to make something simple for my first project on the new Janome (yep I did get spoiled this Christmas). The tote was a nine patch which I quilted crosshatch and in the ditch. Very easy. I lined it with muslin and made some sturdy handles out of a contrast and it was finished! I will test run it tomorrow when load it up for work. I have already chose my next project. A queen size quilt for the spare room. I will post a pic if I can remember how the scanner works! Digital cameras have spoiled me!

The dogs are so happy now, the fence has been completed and they are free to run and jump, dig and do anything else that dogs in a huge wide open space do! It has been a huge undertaking with John building it by himself these past couple of months. It is 7' high and encloses the area immediately to the left and back of our house. There are over 50 fence posts and more than 1000 pickets. John has worked tirelessly to get it finished and last night he put the gate on as the sun was setting. It still needs to be tweaked but it is good enough to hold those crazy dogs in for the past 24 hours! LOL.

My four days off work (mini vacation) comes to and end tonight and tomorrow I head back to the salt mines. LOL. Can you tell that I would rather be sewing now? So many projects, not enough hours. Oh there is a doll that I owe Louize too. YIKES!

'Sposed to get very cold these next few days. Snow could be in the forecast. Stay warm everyone and drive safely.

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Quilting and New Years Resolutions...
My New Years Resolutions are..

1. Lose 20 pounds (at least) through diet and EXERCISE!

2. Be more patient!

3. Stick to budget! LOL

How do you think I will go? I am determined with all 3, I will check back here next year and let you all know how I did. :)

Yep, I finally put foot to pedal and started my first project on the new machine. A tote to carry my work lunch in! Thought I would start off with something small and simple so that I could get the feel for the machine. Yesterday I cut and pieced it and the machine works wonderfully well. I am very pleased! Today I will finish off the tote and check out my magazines and plan the next one! It is so much fun and will be even better when I dont have to stumble over christmas dec boxes in my sewing room. I think we are pulling down tree and other decs tomorrow. Sad eh? I hate saying goodbye to Christmas. :(

fabrics for tote ^^^

Tonight John and I are going to spend New Years Eve with our friend Al who I worked with at my old job. He got married beginning of last year and we are going to see his new house and have dinner with he and Linda. They are a very fun couple but I am not sure if any of us will have the stamina to see 2008 in! They live near the city of Richmond, a fair drive for us but hopefully we will see some early fireworks from their house.

Happy New Years to all my friends and family, wishing you all the best for 2008 and hope it is a healthy,peaceful and prosperous one!


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Ivan guarding the Christmas booty
It is back to work for me today.....have a great day all. xxTags: ivan, stockings | Edit Tags

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Wishing my friends and family a peaceful and happy Christmas...

We are relaxing at home, just the three of us, the turkey and ham are baking and the football is broadcasting. My family and friends in Australia are all sleeping off their feast and will be lying in tomorrow as they celebrate Boxing Day and probably either go to the beach or watch the boxing day test (cricket). I hope that you all are enjoying the day with your families and celebrating the birth of Christ our Lord.
Happy Christmas all!
Oddly, quite a few people here in the USA have asked me if Christmas is celebrated in Australia. The answer is YES!! Some info for those who are interested...

Christmas season celebrations in Australia

Violet Teague (1872-1951), Adoration of Shepherds, 1931, oil on canvas. Photograph by Colin Holden. Image courtesy of Anglican Church of Australia Archive.

Christmas is celebrated in many parts of the world on 25 December. Protestant and Roman Catholic churches hold Christmas Day services on 25 December. The Eastern churches - the Ethiopian Orthodox church, Russian Orthodox church and the Armenian church - celebrate Christmas on 6 or 7 January. There have been rituals, parties and celebrations at this time of year for thousands of years.

The birth of Jesus
Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus is 'the son of God', the Messiah sent from Heaven to save the world.

The 'Christmas story' tells of the birth of Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem, the angels announcing the birth to the shepherds in the fields, and the Magi (wise men from the East) visiting the stable and offering gifts to the newborn child.

The origins of Christmas
A Roman almanac confirms that 25 December was used to celebrate Christmas in 336 AD, although it was nearly 600 years later that the churches created a liturgy - a service for public worship - for the occasion.

The choice of date is believed to have been influenced by the northern hemisphere winter solstice, as well as ancient pagan rituals that coincided with the solstice. These rituals included the Halcyon Days in Greece, a period of calm and goodwill when it was believed the sea was calm for birds to lay their eggs; and the Roman celebration of Saturnalia, a celebration of the god Saturn, which involved wild parties, the exchange of gifts and the temporary suspension of social divisions between slaves and masters.

Christmas traditions and symbols

A photo of Santa arriving at the beach by boat. Image courtesy of the National Archives of Australia: A1500, K26950.

Christmas trees are part of a long tradition of greenery being taken into the home at Christmas to brighten the dreary winter. Mistletoe was popular with Druid priests because it remained green throughout winter. Holly placed over the doorway was believed to drive away evil. Placing branches from trees in the home was first recorded in 1494, and by the beginning of the 1600s there are records of fir trees being decorated with apples.

The story of Santa Claus has its origins in the legends surrounding the humble generosity of Saint Nicholas, whose feast day is celebrated on 6th December. Saint Nicholas was a 4th century Christian Bishop from Myra (in modern-day Turkey) who became the Patron Saint of Children. In Germany and Poland, boys dressed up as bishops begging alms for the poor. Later, the Christ child 'Christkindlein' was said to have accompanied Nicholas-like figures on their travels. The 1822 poem 'Twas the Night before Christmas forged the link and Saint Nicholas (Father Christmas, Pere Noel, Christ Kind, Kriss Kringle or Sinter Klass) became known as Santa Claus.

Christmas in the southern hemisphere
The heat of early summer in Australia has an impact on the way that Australians celebrate Christmas and on which northern hemisphere Christmas traditions are followed.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas houses are decorated; greetings cards sent out; carols sung; Christmas trees installed in homes, schools and public places; and children delight in anticipating a visit from Santa Claus. On Christmas Day family and friends gather to exchange gifts and enjoy special Christmas food.

Many Australians spend Christmas out of doors, going to the beach for the day, or heading to camping grounds for a longer break over the Christmas holiday period. It has become traditional for international visitors who are in Sydney at Christmas time to go to Bondi Beach where up to 40,000 people visit on Christmas Day.

Carols and music

Christmas tree in Martin Place, Sydney 2005. File photograph. Copyright Commonweatlh of Australia.

The tradition of an Australian Christmas Eve carol service lit by candles was started in 1937 by radio announcer Norman Banks. This outdoor service has now been held in Melbourne every year since then.

Carols by Candlelight events today range from huge gatherings, which are televised live throughout the country, to smaller local community and church events. Sydney's Carols in the Domain has become a popular platform for the stars of stage and music.

Some uniquely Australian Christmas carols have become popular and are included alongside the more traditional carols sung at carol services and at Christmas church services: John Wheeler's The Three Drovers is perhaps the best known of these.

Many light-hearted Australian Christmas songs have become an essential part of the Australian Christmas experience. These include Rolf Harris's Six White Boomers, Colin Buchanan's Aussie Jingle Bells and the Australian Twelve Days of Christmas.

Christmas plants

Denise Greig, Blandfordia nobilis - Christmas bells. Image courtesy of Australian National Botanic Gardens: A6952.

There are many native Australian plants in flower over the Christmas season. A number of these have become known as 'Christmas plants' in various parts of the country, including Christmas bells, Christmas bush and the Christmas orchid.

When Europeans first arrived in Australia they were delighted that they could pick wildflowers resembling bells and bright green foliage covered in red or white flowers to use as Christmas decorations. This was a huge contrast to the bare trees and dormant gardens they had left behind in Europe.

Christmas in Australia comes at the beginning of summer and many people no longer serve a traditional hot roast dinner. Cold turkey and ham, seafood and salads are often served instead. It has even become acceptable to serve the traditional Christmas plum pudding with cold custard, ice cream or cream. Pavlova, a meringue base topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit, and various versions of the festive icecream pudding have also become popular Christmas desserts.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Coles company are engaged in a project to cultivate native foods. They are working with Mandawuy Yunupingu (of the band Yothu Yindi) and Aboriginal communities to grow sufficient quantities for sale in supermarkets across Australia. The aim is to offer all Australians a Bush Tucker Christmas.

Film and television

Cover of Wombat Divine by Mem Fox. Image courtesy of Mem Fox.

The films Bush Christmas (1947) starring Chips Rafferty and the remake Prince and the Great Race in 1983 (with Nicole Kidman), and Miracle Down Under starring John Waters (telecast as Bushfire Moon) are insights into the early Australian Christmas culture. Many television series have used Christmas episodes to explore the changing culture of Christmas in Australia.

Children's stories
Australian children grow up enjoying traditional Christmas stories such as Clement Clarke Moore's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, but children's authors and illustrators are beginning to create truly Australian children's Christmas literature. One favourite is Wombat Divine by Mem Fox, while a more recent addition is Aussie Night Before Christmas by Yvonne Morrison.

Major sporting events
The Christmas break is an opportunity for sports fans to enjoy two major sporting events. The 26 December is the opening day of the 'Boxing Day Test' between the Australian Cricket Team and an international touring side at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This has been well attended since the first match in 1950, and watched by many others on television. In Sydney one of the world's most prestigious ocean races, the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, starts on Boxing Day from Sydney Harbour.

Indigenous Australians

A. Shnukal, Celebrating the Coming of the Light at Kemus on the anniversary of the arrival of the London Missionary Society on 1 July 1871. Darnley Island, Torres Strait. Image courtesy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit, University of Queensland.

Indigenous Dreamtime stories obviously do not include Christmas. However, this date in the calendar coincides with other seasonal changes. In Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Yolngu Aboriginal people will observe the last season of their six-season cycle. Gudjewg, the wet season, begins in late December.

Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities include Christian groups within them which celebrate Christmas. The Ntaria Choir at Hermannsburg, via Alice Springs, Northern Territory, has a unique musical language from mixing the traditional vocals of the Ntaria women with Lutheran chorales - the hymn tunes that were the basis of much of J.S. Bach's music.

Baba Waiyar, a popular traditional Torres Strait Islander hymn, is featured on Lexine Solomon's debut album This is Woman (2003) - showing the influence of gospel music mixed with traditionally strong Torres Strait Islander vocals and country music. Significantly, Torres Strait Islanders celebrate the 'Coming of the Light' on 1 July, the day the London Missionary Society landed at Erub Island in 1871.

Modern Indigenous Christmas celebrations are beginning to take on elements of traditional Indigenous culture. The Department of Conservation and Land Management in Western Australia offers a Christmas celebration by organising activities which encourages people to join in Christmas bush activities with Nyoongar guides.

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Paul Kelly - How To Make Gravy

My favourite Paul Kelly song. It is a Christmas one too!

Paul Kelly is telling the story of a man in jail (why he's there is never revealed), missing Christmas with his family. He's scared of many things, but he also wishes that his kids remember him and love him for who he is, not what he did.
It's a beautiful sad song, but it still has some very funny bits when talking about his extended family. It sums up an Australian Christmas very well, with the hot weather but insistence at sticking to a traditional Christmas meal.

The Lyrics...

Hello Dan, it's Joe here, I hope you're keeping well
It's the 21st of December, and now they're ringing the last bells
If I get good behaviour, I'll be out of here by July
Won't you kiss my kids on Christmas Day, please don't let 'em cry for me
I guess the brothers are driving down from Queensland and Stella's flying in from the coast
They say it's gonna be a hundred degrees, even more maybe, but that won't stop the roast
Who's gonna make the gravy now? I bet it won't taste the same
Just add flour, salt, a little red wine and don't forget a dollop of tomato sauce for sweetness and that extra tang
And give my love to Angus and to Frank and Dolly,
Tell 'em all I'm sorry I screwed up this time
And look after Rita, I'll be thinking of her early Christmas morning
When I'm standing in line

I hear Mary's got a new boyfriend, I hope he can hold his own
Do you remember the last one? What was his name again?
(Just a little too much cologne)
And Roger, you know I'm even gonna miss Roger
'Cause there's sure as hell no one in here I want to fight
Oh praise the Baby Jesus, have a Merry Christmas,
I'm really gonna miss it, all the treasure and the trash
And later in the evening, I can just imagine,
You'll put on Junior Murvin and push the tables back
And you'll dance with Rita, I know you really like her,
Just don't hold her too close, oh brother please don't stab me in the back
I didn't mean to say that, it's just my mind it plays up,
Multiplies each matter, turns imagination into fact
You know I love her badly, she's the one to save me,
I'm gonna make some gravy, I'm gonna taste the fat
Tell her that I'm sorry, yeah I love her badly, tell 'em all I'm sorry,
And kiss the sleepy children for me
You know one of these days, I'll be making gravy,
I'll be making plenty, I'm gonna pay 'em all back

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December 13 - 20 2007

Mama never told me there were days like this....
No she did not! I have been chasing my tail ever since our return from vacation. I cannot seem to get enough sleep for a start. I yawn all day at work and last night I was in bed reading a book at 7! I was suppose to be wrapping pressies! I am waking at my usual time long last. So many chores just haven't got done for this Christmas. We didn't get the all the decorations up in the yard, christmas cards sit unwritten on my desk, no rum or apricot balls or christmas pudding have been made. Pretty poor show eh? Never mind, the day will still go on and it will be lovely. We have spoiled David rotten and John has spoiled me rotten!!! I kid you not! Last night he won me a beaut Janome quilting machine on ebay! I can't wait to try that little beast out! I am so very lucky! We are taking David to church in the village on Christmas Eve, I hope he doesnt sing! That is a story for another blog...LOL.

I am still waiting for my sister to send me the first lot of photos from our trip. I accidently deleted them from one of my memory cards after I downloaded them onto her laptop. Thankfully she still has them and is mailing them to me....I almost freaked when I realized! I will share when I get them.

The weather has been cold here but no snow in the forecast until the day after Christmas. Boxing Day! Another work day for us in the USA. BooHoo!

Well it's a work day today too and our new toys need to be paid for so Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to work I go.

Ooroo for now xx
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I am so blessed!
I have the best friends in the whole wide world! Thanks to you all for making my life even better! Your thoughtfullness and kindness is always surprising me.Tags: | Edit Tags

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Still tired but happy!
Well here I am at long last. Gosh I feel so mentally healthy but still tired and cannot seem to get the sleep time figured. I think the 13 hour lay over in SF due to cancelled Chicago flight did me in. John isnt as bad. But I feel like my brain has been refreshed, maybe I did need a transfusion as Red always says! LOL. The best part for me really was the fact that Zac hung with John and I the whole time. That was amazing!!! The last time I went home I only saw him partying with mates, hungover or asleep! True. This time he really made up for it. Everytime I looked around he was breathing down my neck. It was so pleasing to see how he has grown into a man, working and all and all that hair cut off!! WOW!

I have so much to tell you all but time is the key right now. I have put a few pics on flickr but hundreds more to sort through and I am not going to bore you with them all. I will try and write some more on the weekend. Just want to say how good it is to be home and how lovely and Christmassy everything looks! Tis the season eh?

Oh and I will just end by saying that John just LOVED Aus and he says that he will have no trouble at all retiring there!! That sure is a load off!! Now he just has to get me out of Powhatan! LOL.

Missed you all. xx

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The journey is almost beginning...
I am up at Sparra's this morning. Even earlier than usual. We leave home in less than 24 hours now and I am as goofey as shit as I try to make sense of my last day here. I have 4 hours work to get through so I am trying to calm down. hehe. I was so nutty yesterday that my boss actually asked me if I would like to take the whole day out today. . But I said no, I will come in for a few hours just to annoy you! ha!
Last night we picked up Sharon. Y'all remember, she is John's exwife from about 25 years ago and she is staying here to care for David and the zoo while we are gone. She is upstairs sleeping still. Yea she sleeps normal people hours, unlike me. I wonder if she would mind if I call her Shags or Shazza? I will ask her today. The best thing about Shags is this.......she is a hair guess who is getting a cut and foils this afternoon???? Yes Moi. I will be brand new when she is finished! (I hope)

Yep it is down to the nitty gritty now. Have just the last minute things to put in our ports, toothbrushes, pills etc. John is as toey as I am. He still has a small section of the fence to put up today. The dogs will be able to run to their hearts content. We are so happy about that.

Well I am out of here, this will be my last blog entry till I send something from Aus. Everyone have fun and Happy Thanksgiving to those who are on this side of the pond.

Leaving you with a pic I took at work this week. I think this is the best fall I have seen in the 5 I have been here for. Strange really, I thought it would be a poor show with the drought and all.

Ooroo from a very excited Roo xx

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Haka in Texas?
Something on the news made my ears prick and I went into the living room to see if what I was hearing was correct. Oh boy! Apparently there is a large contingency of Tongans living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Welllllll at one of the local high schools there, a number of these Tongan boys play football and have taught the other kids the HAKA. This one high school, I think it was called Trinity, do the Haka before each game and they are on a winning streak all acredited to their new war dance. Ok this is all fine and dandy but since when did this war dance/chant become the pride and joy of Tongans? LOL. I know one Maori lady who will read this and probably cringe. The Haka is a New Zealand icon and I for one don't think it should be used by any other nation, race or team. Imagine if the Aussie cricket team did the Haka on the different if you ask me. Ok that is my rant for the night.......back to packing etc.

ni ni all xx
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October 29 - November 11 2007

Waltzing Matilda (the meaning of)
Waltzing Matilda explained.... Tags: waltzingmatilda, | Edit Tags

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My sisters holiday pics.......
As I mentioned in an earlier blog, my sister has been on holiday to the south island of New Zealand. Before she left, she bought the exact same camera as mine . LOL true! I told her to hurry up and learn all about it so then you can teach me a thing or two or three! I had to share these pics taken with the new camera. New Zealand really is a beautiful place.

Chard Farm Lookout


A view from a restaurant table!

My Niece's boyfriend's parents live in this old church

Lake Hayes

Another of beautiful Lake Hayes

Well in just over a week we will be in the sky and heading for Aus. Everyone there is as excited as we are. I am like a kid at Christmas!

We got news this morning that my grandson Beau who is 12 has been accepted into a Soccer School of Excellence for his High Schooling which starts at the end of January. Only 10 boys are accepted on this scholarship for 8th grade each year. It will mean a heck of a lot of travel for him at his young age. He will have to get up with the chooks to get there each morning and come home in the dark. Hope it is all for the best.

Well my hunter is about due back from the woods so I best get supper finished....Happy Thursday all!

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Busy Week..
Oh yea the week was busy and here it is Sunday again! Halloween night was great, the weather was perfect to be outdoors at night and the kids from our neighbourhood came! We had 19 in total, 7 more than last year! Word must have got around that those people up the hill have good candy. LOL. John spent the night doing reports for work so I had to tend to those trick or treaters myself. Ivan helped of course and the dogs all chimed in when someone would come to the door. That witch that my daughter had sent from Aus was a huge hit and each time the door bell rang she would cackle and kick her legs. Fabulous! Thanks Lou! The candy held out, in fact we had some left. Yippee. I always worry about not having enough. Most of the kids came with parents, a few older ones came on their own. Our neighbourhood does not have street lights and everyone has long driveways so it is quite a distance to walk, mostly parents drove their kids around.

John and Ruby celebrated their birthdays on Thursday. I had a cake made for them and all the puppies and kitty had a small piece. Ruby loves cake! I made a nice dinner for John (which you all know included mashed potatoes) and we had a little party, just the three of us and the zoo.

The weather has turned chilly. I remember when I went to Aus at this time 2 years ago, there was snow on the ground. It is unreal coming from snow and into 100+ temps. Still it feels as though snow is a long way off yet. Heck we havent had days in the 50's even yet! No doubt they are coming!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.........Toodle loo..
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Missy and Hayley

my beautiful sister, Missy and her equally beautiful daughter, Hayley.

This pic was taken in New Zealands South Island where Hayley lives. Missy just got back from spending a week with her. She said it was a very cold spring!
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A Knock at the Door
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October 18 - 25 2007

Mum and Dad
My mother was a country girl from a little place called Kin Kin which is not far from where my daughter now lives. She grew up on a banana farm with her parents and 3 sisters. She told wonderful stories of her childhood to us, stories so vivid that we could picture her home and surrounds in our minds. In fact when she died we took her ashes back to Kin Kin, found her old house and scattered her in the creek that ran through her front yard. We took her home!

My dad was a slicker, growing up in the inner city of Brisbane. His playground were the streets of the city and the cliffs and banks of the Brisbane River. He grew up hungry sharing what food there was with 7 siblings and his ailing mother. His dad died when he was 6. Dad joined the army and spent his 21st birthday in combat somewhere in the jungles of New Guinea.

My parents paths met when my mother came to Brisbane to stay with her aunt who happened to live next door to my dads twin brother. Mum was very taken with this young man who was a fine artist. That is until his dark haired brother came home from the war. Dad swept mum off her feet and they married not long after.

By this time, my grandparents had sold their farm and moved to the southside of Brisbane to a more sedate life, growing flowers for the Brisbane flower market. My parents bought an acre of my grandparents land and built their own home. They settled here and had five children, I am the second oldest.

I think about these two wonderful people most days. I was fortunate to have such good people for parents.
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Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan
I actually watched a special with these two guys last weekend and this morning I found this clip on youtube. This clip was in the special I watched. Dylan has been my hero for almost 40 years and Cash more so in recent years. I hope you all enjoy this vid as much as I do. Note how young BD is.

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The History of Halloween
History of Halloween, like any other festival's history is inspired through traditions that have transpired through ages from one generation to another. We follow them mostly as did our dads and grandpas. And as this process goes on, much of their originality get distorted with newer additions and alterations. It happens so gradually, spanning over so many ages, that we hardly come to know about these distortions. At one point of time it leaves us puzzled, with its multicolored faces. Digging into its history helps sieve out the facts from the fantasies which caught us unaware. Yet, doubts still lurk deep in our soul, especially when the reality differs from what has taken a deep seated root into our beliefs. The history of Halloween Day, as culled from the net, is being depicted here in this light. This is to help out those who are interested in washing off the superficial hues to reach the core and know things as they truly are. 'Trick or treat' may be an innocent fun to relish on the Halloween Day. But just think about a bunch of frightening fantasies and the scary stories featuring ghosts, witches, monsters, evils, elves and animal sacrifices associated with it. They are no more innocent. Are these stories a myth or there is a blend of some reality? Come and plunge into the halloween history to unfurl yourself the age-old veil of mysticism draped around it.

Behind the name... Halloween, or the Hallow E'en as they call it in Ireland , means All Hallows Eve, or the night before the 'All Hallows', also called 'All Hallowmas', or 'All Saints', or 'All Souls' Day, observed on November 1. In old English the word 'Hallow' meant 'sanctify'. Roman Catholics, Episcopalians and Lutherians used to observe All Hallows Day to honor all Saints in heaven, known or unknown. They used to consider it with all solemnity as one of the most significant observances of the Church year. And Catholics, all and sundry, was obliged to attend Mass. The Romans observed the holiday of Feralia, intended to give rest and peace to the departed. Participants made sacrifices in honor of the dead, offered up prayers for them, and made oblations to them. The festival was celebrated on February 21, the end of the Roman year. In the 7th century, Pope Boniface IV introduced All Saints' Day to replace the pagan festival of the dead. It was observed on May 13. Later, Gregory III changed the date to November 1. The Greek Orthodox Church observes it on the first Sunday after Pentecost. Despite this connection with the Roman Church, the American version of Halloween Day celebration owes its origin to the ancient (pre-Christian) Druidic fire festival called "Samhain", celebrated by the Celts in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Samhain is pronounced "sow-in", with "sow" rhyming with cow. In Ireland the festival was known as Samhein, or La Samon, the Feast of the Sun. In Scotland, the celebration was known as Hallowe'en. In Welsh it's Nos Galen-gaeof (that is, the Night of the Winter Calends. According to the Irish English dictionary published by the Irish Texts Society: "Samhain, All Hallowtide, the feast of the dead in Pagan and Christian times, signalizing the close of harvest and the initiation of the winter season, lasting till May, during which troops (esp. the Fiann) were quartered. Faeries were imagined as particularly active at this season. From it the half year is reckoned. also called Feile Moingfinne (Snow Goddess).(1) The Scottish Gaelis Dictionary defines it as "Hallowtide. The Feast of All Soula. Sam + Fuin = end of summer."(2) Contrary to the information published by many organizations, there is no archaeological or literary evidence to indicate that Samhain was a deity. The Celtic Gods of the dead were Gwynn ap Nudd for the British, and Arawn for the Welsh. The Irish did not have a "lord of death" as such. Thus most of the customs connected with the Day are remnants of the ancient religious beliefs and rituals, first of the Druids and then transcended amongst the Roman Christians who conquered them.

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Golden Wattle Tree - Australia's National Flower

This blog is for Teddy who thought that Wattle was Australias National Weed! Pfffffft!

There are some great links below as well, for those who may be interested!

Have a great Friday all! Ooroo

(28 days to go)

Wattle Tree (Acacia) - Australian native tree. The beautiful golden flower is Australia's national flower and also a national emblem appearing on coinage. The wattle flowers in the late winter to early spring for a period of about six weeks. It has a very heavy perfume and the very fine pollen is known to cause hay fever in susceptible people. Scroll down for more information.

Home and Main Index
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Poets Australia

Golden Wattle Tree
Australia's national flower

For the Thumbnail Gallery please click this image.

Acacia (Wattle). In Australia there are over five hundred species ranging in size from small shrubs to tall trees. All are evergreens with yellow flowers (from brilliant yellow to pale lemon yellow) and the foliage can be feathery, flat or needle like. They are extremely fast growing, but their life span is short.

Gardeners in Australia are now very fond of the native species and they are definitely more popular than the European specimens that were planted here by early settlers. The wattle is extremely hardy and it is perfectly adapted to our harsh conditions. There are varieties of the wattle growing all over Australia except in the desert inland regions, where nothing very much grows.

The wattle can be grown in full sun or half sun. The example above is not quite fully grown, and was situated in full sun. The life span of that particular tree was approximately six years. It was partially up-rooted during a wild thunder storm and totally finished off by a small child swinging on the remaining branches.

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Galleries of Pink Gallahs.......

Words and Music by John Williamson
Galleries of pink galahs,
Crystal nights with diamond stars,
Apricots preserved in jars,
That's my home.
Land of oceans in the sun,
Purple hazes, river gum,
Breaks your heart when rain won't come,
It breaks your heart.

It takes a harsh and cruel drought
To sort the weaker saplings out,
It makes room for stronger trees
Maybe that's what life's about.

Winter's come, the hills are brown,
Shops are closed, the blinds are down.
Everybody's leaving town,
They can't go on.

The south wind through verandah gauze
Whines and bangs the homestead doors.
A mother curses dusty floors,
And feels alone.

Trucks and bulk bins filled with rust,
Boy leaves home to make a crust.
A father's dreams reduced to dust,
But he must go on.

Tortured red gums - unashamed,
Sunburnt country wisely named.
Chisel-ploughed and wire-claimed,
But never, never, never tamed.

Whirlwind swirls a paper high,
Same old news of further dry.
Of broken clouds just passing by,
That's my home.


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September 27 - October 9 2007

39 days to la la la la......

This is Mudjimba Beach. My sister has lived here for about 12 years. It is around 17 miles south of where I lived at Coolum Beach. The island is called Mudjimba Island. When we were kids my Dad called it Old Woman Island but now it is called by its Aboriginal name. Most of the town and places on the Sunshine Coast have Aboriginal names. Coolum, Mooloolaba, Noosa, Maroochydore, Buderim, Marcoola, Caloundra, Kawana, Eumundi, Yandina, Cooroy.

Mudjimba is also called North shore because the Maroochy River spews out into the sea at the south end. The South shore is the beach town of Maroochydore. Where the river meets the ocean there are always shells to be found. Most have been broken by the pounding surf but you can be lucky to find perfect ones too! I love to park the car at the river and walk down the river and follow it around to the ocean side. It is about an hours walk but so envigorating and ever changing. The rock in the foreground of the pic is called Coffee Rock and is very porous. It is exposed when there has been storms or cyclones and the sand has been eroded. When the sand eventually comes back, the rock is again covered. The rock gets its name from the coffee coloured stain that makes the sand brown.

There is great surf on the island and board riders paddle over or get towed by speed boats. Thank god for shark nets!

I had an email from my youngest this morning. Chickens always come home to roost my ma always told me. And this scallywag is no different. I had not heard from him in 5 weeks!! I am smiling big this morning >>>>


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Yankee Candles and Rogan Josh!
Saturdays shopping trip to the outlets at Williamsburg went extremely well! I accomplished most of my Aus Christmas shopping to take in November. The highlight of the days trip was the visit to the huge Yankee Candle store! This place is amazing! So many candle fragrances and so little time! It is like 3 adjoining buildings and you could go there every day for a week and still not see it all! They had lots of specials too! I filled up four egg-like cartons that hold 18 votives. I will take two of those back for Louize. Silly me got her stuck on these candles and they are not available in Aus yet. They are so heavy to mail so I take her a bunch home when I go or send them home with someone else.
There are so many new yummy scents for Fall and Christmas. I wanted them all of course. I bought some of the largest jar candles for only 12 bucks. These were scents that were going to be retired or just summer stock making way for next seasons. The one that I loved the most is called Indonesian Ginger. This one has the most exotic fragrance and made me hungry for a nice lamb curry! Soooooooo..........

Out of the freezer came my much coveted boned leg of Aussie Lamb and I set to work yesterday morning, making a wonderful fragrant Rogan Josh. This is my favourite of all the curries. Rogan Josh means Red Meat. The flavours are sensational! Actually this morning the aromas are still floating in the downstairs area. I love it! I will include the recipe in this blog.

Joe and the boys will be here on Friday and we have respite for David on Saturday and Sunday so we may be able to go back to DC with them for a night. That would be fun!

Have a great week bloggers.........Ooroo.


Serves 1-2


2″ Fresh root ginger peeled 4 Cloves Garlic 2 pound of trimmed Lamb, cut into bitesize pieces 1/2 Tsp Salt 1/2 Tsp Turmeric 1 1/2 Tsp Garam Masala 1 Tsp Ground Cumin 1 Tsp Ground Coriander 1 cup of Natural Yoghurt 1/2 Tsp Chilli powder 1 large onion, chopped finely 2 cans of plum tomatoes 1 red pepper, chopped 1 Bunch Fresh coriander, chopped roughly 1 Tbsp Oil PREPARATION

Add the ginger and garlic into a small food processor and blend until pureed/finely chopped (sometime the addidition of a splash of water helps).
Heat the oil and soften the onions gently for about 10-15 minutes without colouring too heavily.
Add the garlic, ginger and the spices and continue to cook for a further minute or so until the spices become fragrant.
Add the lamb, tomatoes, pepper and yogurt and stir thoroughly.
Bring to the boil, cover with a lid and reduce the heat to a gentle simmer, stirring occasionally.
Cook for 1 hour (this was mainly due to the fact I used tender leg of lamb) or until the sauce is the desired consistency and the meat is tender. 5 minutes before the end of cooking time add the whole cherry tomatoes (optional).
Add the chopped fresh coriander and serve immediately.
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43 days to go, but who is counting????
our back woods, there is a bear in there

Yep in 43 days we will be up, up and away! Woohoo. So much to do in that time!

Joe called from NYC two days ago. They are having a ball. Will be here next Friday to reap havoc on Virginia! He said they had a wild time in Vegas and almost left without Donno who arrived back at the motel half an hour before they had to leave. He was partying all night. hehe. Would love to be a fly on the wall at some of their adventures!

I am going to the outlets in Williamsburg tomorrow. I should be home helping John with the fence butttttttt who can resist the chance of a good day of shopping?? I really need to finish off my Christmas shopping to take to Aus. Going with a couple of girls from work, we will make a day of it.

Oh crikey my internet is out and here I am typing away and I will probably lose this whole blog entry. This is crazy. I spent an hour on the phone with verizon yesterday morning before work! Some little guy sitting in the Phillipines trying to get my pc connected. Bloody silly if you ask me. What happened to techs coming out and fixing the problem? Why do we have to do the work ourselves? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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Ruby came home!!!
Yes Ruby came out of the woods this morning around 8am. We had just got back from driving the back roads and farmland behind us. She was walking very slowly and we knew she was sore. I reckon she was up all night trying to find her way home. Well we put her in the garage so that she could get some peace and she has slept all day. Tonight she is back with Brissy and Sheba and I have combed all of the hitchhikers and burrs out of her hair. Her feet are still sore but she is so much better. Thanks to all my mates who were concerned with me this morning. We are all going to have an early night!
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renewing our vows....
The girls back home are organizing a little ceremony on my beloved Coolum beach. John and I are going to renew our vows with my family present. At dusk!

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August 27 - September 7 2007

Happy Birthday Isaac (Zac)
My youngest son, Zac, was born on this day 22 years ago.

I hate the birthdays that I miss celebrating with you. Last year was particularly bad when you turned 21.

Zac you have bought so much joy into my life. I love you so much that at times it hurts. I shall never forget being on that escalator and heading towards customs at Brisbane airport after saying my goodbyes to you 4 years ago. I looked back and you were sobbing in the arms of your Aunty Gaile and your sister. Your 6ft 2in frame dwarfed them and yet they managed to hold and comfort you. That image took me to sleep for the longest time. I hated to leave you behind. You were an 18 yearold man-child. I wanted so much for you to come with me but you chose to stay. That first year apart was rough for us both. But look at us now! I cannot wait to hug on you in two short months, look into those dark pools that are your beautiful eyes and ruffle your unruly mop of hair. I cannot wait to sit quietly, just you and me and talk about the things that have happened in each others absense. My handsome boy, I hope all of your dreams come true, Happy Birthday .

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Great weekend!
The weather was awesome this weekend. Mid 80's and low humidity. We got to spend considerable time outside with the dogs. Ruby ran like the wind, she enjoyed the less than stifling days too. In fact she tore a couple of those garden lights straight out of their holes. LOL. Shhhhhhhh DON'T tell John....Carrie and I fixed them up and he didn't even know.

John, Josh, Sherry and Carrie on the front steps.

Josh spent some time with us all this weekend too, he is on leave and flies to Camp Pendleton in San Diego next Saturday to do a 2 yr stint at the hospital there.

I love this pic of Brissy. He had so much fun this weekend.

As you can see, both Ruby and Brissy love Carrie. There is something magical about watching kids and animals eh?

It is back to work today. BOOHOO. I hope you all had a beaut Labor Day weekend too.

Ooroo. xx
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Late Saturday night
Finally I am taking half decent pics with the new camera. I spent a good part of the afternoon reading the manual and playing with settings. I have a new telescopic lens too but have not tried that out yet. I am taking baby steps still.

I wanted to share this wonderful Chrysanthemum. Isn't it unusual? I hope I can get it to pop up again next spring.

What a glorious day it has been here in Virginia. Warm and sunny with a gentle breeze. Ni ni everyone. xx

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Starting Labor Day weekend..
A little info on Labor Day...


Labor Day occurs on the first Monday in September and was first celebrated in the United States on September 5, 1882. The date was deliberately selected to fall between Independence Day and Thanksgiving. The holiday was suggested by Peter J. McGuire, a New York City carpenter and a founder of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and by Matthew Maguire, a Paterson, New Jersey machinist. They strongly believed that American workers should have a holiday similar to those of other countries. The first celebration was observed only in New York City with a parade of about 10,000 workers. The idea spread quickly and in 1894, President Grover Cleveland declared Labor Day a national holiday.

The association of the holiday with trade and labor unions has declined over the years. Labor Day for most people means the end of summer and the vacation season as well as the beginning of school for many students. The day is often celebrated with picnics, sporting events, reunions, and, in an election year, political rallies.

It is so good to have a long weekend. I know I had a very long weekend last weekend but I was drugged up for the most part so it doesn't count! We are suppose to have lovely days here for the next three. We plan on powerwashing the house at some stage. John wants to paint the front porch rails and posts. They are stained right now but we are wanting to paint them a white for a fresh new look. Not sure if we will make a start on that but will hopefully get the house washed and ready to go. Tomorrow morning I am going antiquing with my friend Barb. I told her to take it easy on this poor cripple. hehe. Did I tell you all that I broke my toe on Monday, hmmmm maybe not. I BROKE MY TOE ON MONDAY!!! yes the toe next to my little toe on the foot that does NOT have gout. How ironic is that???? I now have two sore feet and this week has been pretty awful. Oh well. Sherry and Carrie will be here on Sunday and Monday. Carrie starts middle school on Tuesday. Poor kid.....I remember how nerve wracking that can be!!
My good mate in WV sent me a photo editing program this week so I plan to spend some time on that as well as my new camera. I am going to FIND the time! Thanks TB. :)

Sleep tight blogsville

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Mulga Bill's Bicycle
Mulga Bill's Bicycle
by Andrew Barton (Banjo) Paterson

'Twas Mulga Bill, from Eaglehawk, that caught the cycling craze;
He turned away the good old horse that served him many days;
He dressed himself in cycling clothes, resplendent to be seen;
He hurried off to town and bought a shining new machine;
And as he wheeled it through the door, with air of lordly pride,
The grinning shop assistant said, `Excuse me, can you ride?'

`See, here, young man,' said Mulga Bill, `from Walgett to the sea,
From Conroy's Gap to Castlereagh, there's none can ride like me.
I'm good all round at everything, as everybody knows,
Although I'm not the one to talk -- I HATE a man that blows.
But riding is my special gift, my chiefest, sole delight;
Just ask a wild duck can it swim, a wild cat can it fight.
There's nothing clothed in hair or hide, or built of flesh or steel,
There's nothing walks or jumps, or runs, on axle, hoof, or wheel,
But what I'll sit, while hide will hold and girths and straps are tight:
I'll ride this here two-wheeled concern right straight away at sight.'

'Twas Mulga Bill, from Eaglehawk, that sought his own abode,
That perched above the Dead Man's Creek, beside the mountain road.
He turned the cycle down the hill and mounted for the fray,
But ere he'd gone a dozen yards it bolted clean away.
It left the track, and through the trees, just like a silver streak,
It whistled down the awful slope, towards the Dead Man's Creek.

It shaved a stump by half an inch, it dodged a big white-box:
The very wallaroos in fright went scrambling up the rocks,
The wombats hiding in their caves dug deeper underground,
As Mulga Bill, as white as chalk, sat tight to every bound.
It struck a stone and gave a spring that cleared a fallen tree,
It raced beside a precipice as close as close could be;
And then as Mulga Bill let out one last despairing shriek
It made a leap of twenty feet into the Dead Man's Creek.

'Twas Mulga Bill, from Eaglehawk, that slowly swam ashore:
He said, `I've had some narrer shaves and lively rides before;
I've rode a wild bull round a yard to win a five pound bet,
But this was the most awful ride that I've encountered yet.
I'll give that two-wheeled outlaw best; it's shaken all my nerve
To feel it whistle through the air and plunge and buck and swerve.
It's safe at rest in Dead Man's Creek, we'll leave it lying still;
A horse's back is good enough henceforth for Mulga Bill.'

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August 15 - 26 2007

Deer Oh Deer LOL
Just took this dusk pic. Sadly, these two regular guys will disappear come October, for one reason or another.

GOOD news........I have been pain free for two days!! woohoo!!

Have a great week my friends!
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Oh deer!
This is for Ger! Tags: deer | Edit Tags

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Introducing Brissy!!!
This is the newest member of our family, Brissy. He has a blue eye and a brown eye! Makes him special I think. He was born June 29th and he has the same parents as Ruby. He looks a lot like his Dad with his spotty muzzle. He has a totally different nature to Ruby, he loves cuddles and so far touch wood he isn't heeling us.

It has been a strange day today, overcast and looking like rain threatening, humid and still. I took off to try and keep off my ankle. Chasing puppies isn't very restful! LOL. John says I do not know the meaning of rest. Ha!

This morning I got to call my baby, Zac. He is still working at the Broome Airport and got to see Hugh Jackman coming through recently. I am so relieved that my boy has finally found a job that he seems settled in. He has booked his flight to Qld for the same time we have. I can't wait to hold the skinny rascal and see for myself that he is OK.

Gotta go make some salad for dinner to have with our barbeque chicken. (mashed taters and corn on the cob for the boys!)

Toodle loo..
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Tuesday catch up!
My gout test results have come back negative! Yippee! Now it is back to the drawing board though. Next Monday I am off to see an orthopedic guy, my doc now saying that I could have a small stress fracture in my left ankle. At least that is curable right???? I bloody hope so!
Can't believe I am talking about what ails me again.....

Sunday morning we went to visit Foxgrove Farm. This is where Ruby was born. Her mama had another litter at the end of June. Three boys and three little girls. Same daddy. After playing with these little cuties for a couple of hours, we decided to bring one into our ever growing family. We chose a little boy and have named him Brissy(short for Brisbane). He is so much more affectionate than Ruby was at that age and he loves to follow John and I everywhere. He is black and white where as Ruby is a tri. He is very much like his daddy and has black spots on his white muzzle. Very handsome indeed! Ruby finally has a playmate and poor old Sheba is off the hook. LOL. I am sure I saw Ivan roll his eyes as he watched from the front porch as I got out of the car with Brissy. I could almost hear him we go again!!! Brissy is settling in well and his first two nights here have been a breeze! I will post pics of him soon.

Sunday night we went to see Keith Urban at the Richmond Colesium. The show was fantastic, what a humble guy he is. He is truly loved by his ever growing band of fans and watching him react with them, I can certainly see why. He is a people person for sure and it is refreshing to see. He is such an incredible guitar player, fantastic! He even played a bit of bass as well as a couple of tunes on the piano. Multi talented for sure. Nice to see he hasnt lost his accent either. When he came out for his encore he sat at the piano and quietly thanked the audience for all their support over the past year and said that if it weren't for Nicole, he would not be sitting there tonight. He dedicated the next song to her. It was very touching and personal.

It was a great weekend all in all and I am still playing catch up with the chores around here. Work kind of gets in the way of what I want to accomplish at home......strange that eh?
John was up at 3.30 and off to Baltimore this morning for a meeting. I hate him getting into to all that traffic up in the DC area. Poor bugger. He will be a sight for sore eyes this evening when he comes through the front door.

I hope everyone has a great week. The dog days of summer are here and hopefully the really hot weather is almost gone. I say bring on FALL!!

ooroo for now XOXOX
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Ivan and the deer
Hopefully you can see Ivan slinking along in the grass behind the deer. He is a trip!Tags: | Edit Tags

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August 15 - 26 2007

Deer Oh Deer LOL
Just took this dusk pic. Sadly, these two regular guys will disappear come October, for one reason or another.

GOOD news........I have been pain free for two days!! woohoo!!

Have a great week my friends!
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Oh deer!
This is for Ger! Tags: deer | Edit Tags

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Introducing Brissy!!!
This is the newest member of our family, Brissy. He has a blue eye and a brown eye! Makes him special I think. He was born June 29th and he has the same parents as Ruby. He looks a lot like his Dad with his spotty muzzle. He has a totally different nature to Ruby, he loves cuddles and so far touch wood he isn't heeling us.

It has been a strange day today, overcast and looking like rain threatening, humid and still. I took off to try and keep off my ankle. Chasing puppies isn't very restful! LOL. John says I do not know the meaning of rest. Ha!

This morning I got to call my baby, Zac. He is still working at the Broome Airport and got to see Hugh Jackman coming through recently. I am so relieved that my boy has finally found a job that he seems settled in. He has booked his flight to Qld for the same time we have. I can't wait to hold the skinny rascal and see for myself that he is OK.

Gotta go make some salad for dinner to have with our barbeque chicken. (mashed taters and corn on the cob for the boys!)

Toodle loo..
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Tuesday catch up!
My gout test results have come back negative! Yippee! Now it is back to the drawing board though. Next Monday I am off to see an orthopedic guy, my doc now saying that I could have a small stress fracture in my left ankle. At least that is curable right???? I bloody hope so!
Can't believe I am talking about what ails me again.....

Sunday morning we went to visit Foxgrove Farm. This is where Ruby was born. Her mama had another litter at the end of June. Three boys and three little girls. Same daddy. After playing with these little cuties for a couple of hours, we decided to bring one into our ever growing family. We chose a little boy and have named him Brissy(short for Brisbane). He is so much more affectionate than Ruby was at that age and he loves to follow John and I everywhere. He is black and white where as Ruby is a tri. He is very much like his daddy and has black spots on his white muzzle. Very handsome indeed! Ruby finally has a playmate and poor old Sheba is off the hook. LOL. I am sure I saw Ivan roll his eyes as he watched from the front porch as I got out of the car with Brissy. I could almost hear him we go again!!! Brissy is settling in well and his first two nights here have been a breeze! I will post pics of him soon.

Sunday night we went to see Keith Urban at the Richmond Colesium. The show was fantastic, what a humble guy he is. He is truly loved by his ever growing band of fans and watching him react with them, I can certainly see why. He is a people person for sure and it is refreshing to see. He is such an incredible guitar player, fantastic! He even played a bit of bass as well as a couple of tunes on the piano. Multi talented for sure. Nice to see he hasnt lost his accent either. When he came out for his encore he sat at the piano and quietly thanked the audience for all their support over the past year and said that if it weren't for Nicole, he would not be sitting there tonight. He dedicated the next song to her. It was very touching and personal.

It was a great weekend all in all and I am still playing catch up with the chores around here. Work kind of gets in the way of what I want to accomplish at home......strange that eh?
John was up at 3.30 and off to Baltimore this morning for a meeting. I hate him getting into to all that traffic up in the DC area. Poor bugger. He will be a sight for sore eyes this evening when he comes through the front door.

I hope everyone has a great week. The dog days of summer are here and hopefully the really hot weather is almost gone. I say bring on FALL!!

ooroo for now XOXOX
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Ivan and the deer
Hopefully you can see Ivan slinking along in the grass behind the deer. He is a trip!Tags: | Edit Tags

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August 6 - 15 2007

My first subject..
Last night I sat on the deck after tea and waited for the bucks to come feed. My only dinner guests were Mama and her twins. I had the camera perched on the deck rail and clicked away and got some really nice shots. Ivan even got in on a couple as you will see! The fawns aren't sure what to make of Ivan but I am pretty sure Mama remembers him from last year as she doesn't even give him a turn of her head.

Today I went back to the doc to get my stitches out and learned that the mole was a basal cell carcinoma. I felt much better with that news and I know Geraldine will be pleased too! I have a referal to a good dermo to have the other spots and thingies checked as well.....HO HUM and BOTHER! I detest doctors and seem to be spending more and more time there. They finally took the test for gout today so I should get those results Friday. I am still going to go the 'no gout meds' route and hope this settles down soon. Today was a bad day at work and I ended up giving up and leaving half an hour early. Mostly the pain is worse through the night and early morning which doesnt interupt work except for me falling asleep at my desk. hehehe. so far no DROOL has been found.

My darling sister is calling at 7.30 tonight my time. I just love our chats. I will make another cuppa and probably go lie on my bed and giggle with her for an hour or so. I really pity any girl who does not have a sissy.

See you all round like a donut.
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Not so humid Tuesday morning..
It is absolutely gorgeous outside, dark but cool and comfortable.

John Jr, Debbie and the kids, Jordann, John John and Jayde were here until yesterday morning. They are now off to New England before flying back to Vegas. I will post a pic later in the week. What a beautiful little family they are. Those kids are fun and SOOOO well behaved. I have a particular soft spot for John John. (We call him that to stop confusion, he is really John 3, I have no idea how other families cope with this phenomenum).

I hear Ruby on the back deck where she has slept for the past 3 nights. She is awake now and realises I am too!
Ok I am back......Ruby in tow. Sadly she was too much for me in our bed at night. She would wake me numerous times, knocking my bad ankle. We tried to return her to her crate that she at one time loved so much but she cried for about an hour. In frustration I put her out on the deck last Saturday night and she loved it!!! We have her igloo there too now in case it rains. Not really sure what we will do in Winter. She may have to go into the garage with Sheba or hopefully my foot will be bloody well better be!!!

My camera arrived yesterday. Boy I think I will need to go back to school to master this one. I fiddled for a bit last night and took a couple of close ups indoors. I cannot wait to try it out on the deer! I ended up getting a Nikon D40X. For right now I am just using it as a 'point and shoot'. Sooooo many photo opportunities, soooooo little time!

Toodle loo for now,
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Headed to Norfolk today....

This doll is from a pattern that Geraldine gave me. It is my project for Louize's birthday this year. Isn't she lovely???

Yep we are off to Norfolk down by the beach. I have an appointment with Immigration to have new fingerprints and photo taken. I have applied to have the conditions taken off my green card and hopefully very soon I will have a 10 year one! It is really bizarre that there is not an immigration office here in Richmond eh? Super Eagle is driving me there. The traffic on I64 is a nightmare in the mornings and y'all know how I just love DRIVING>>>>>>NOT!!!! Anyway I am sure we will find somewhere inviting to stop for a cool drink and a bite to eat.

Remember that mole I had removed from my neck last week? Well found out yesterday that it was 'C'. Yikes they said that they got it all but still I feel a bit weird. If it was a skin spot I wouldn't be concerned but it was a MOLE. Yep I am going to look into this further. I guess my years of sandology have come back to bite me in the butt or in this case the neck! .

My new camera has been ordered and still hasn't arrived yet. I am so looking forward to taking some close ups of the deer and other critters and birds. I will give Mr T a good run for his money. LOL. The Vegas kids will be here for a couple of days on Sunday so I am keeping fingers crossed that I will have it by then. It is right on a year since we were with them there last year. Baby Jayde will be so big now, she is running all over. I will post pics of them in any case, whether it be my new camera or Johns old one. LOL.

Well I better get cracking, we need to head out of here by 8. Have a good Thursday all y'all.....stay cool here and warm in Aus. XOXO

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For those of you who are race fans......C'mon Aussie c'mon c'mon
You can also view this media release online at

08 August 2007

Robby Gordon Motorsports will field Australian Marcos Ambrose in the Busch Series rookie’s NASCAR Nextel Cup Series debut in the Centurion Boats at The Glen at Watkins Glen this weekend.

After one of the most controversial incidents in NASCAR’s recent history last weekend, Ambrose has accepted a ‘peace offering’ from Gordon to drive the #77 Camping World Ford Fusion, which will also carry some signage from Ambrose’s regular sponsor Kingsford Charcoal.

Ambrose led 37 laps, more than any other driver, in the NAPA Auto Parts 200 in Montreal last weekend and was on course to record his first NASCAR Busch Series win when he was turned around by Gordon while leading at the second corner at a restart with two laps remaining.

As a penalty, Gordon was eliminated from the following day’s Nextel Cup race, and while he strongly disagreed with the calls during the Busch race, he has accepted NASCAR’s decision and wants to put the incident behind him.

Ambrose will continue his NASCAR Busch campaign on Saturday in the #59 Kingsford Charcoal Ford Fusion for Wood Brothers/JTG Racing, but will now do ‘double duty’ in the Robby Gordon Motorsports entry.

Gordon will drive the #55 Verizon Wireless Ford Fusion in the Busch race and the #7 Jim Beam Ford Fusion in the Nextel Cup Series race.

The Sunday event will be a joint effort between Robby Gordon Motorsports and Wood Brothers/JTG Racing, with Ambrose’s regular Kingsford crew doing the pit work and his new Crew Chief Ernie Cope calling the shots from the box on Sunday.

Ambrose was originally scheduled to make his Nextel Cup debut in a Wood Brothers/JTG Racing entry this weekend, but several circumstances meant the team had to put their plans on hold.

Ambrose is considered somewhat of a road racing specialist who won two Australian V8 Supercar Championships on road courses for Ford before turning his attention to NASCAR at the beginning of last year.

He started his career in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, has progressed to the NASCAR Busch Series this season and now gets his chance to make his debut in North America’s highest level of competition, NASCAR’s Nextel Cup Series.

He currently sits eighth in the NASCAR Busch Series points and second in the Raybestos Rookie of the Year standings.


A press conference will be held at Robby Gordon Motorsports tomorrow (Wednesday, Aug. 8) at 2 P.M. at the following address:

10615 Twin Lakes Parkway
Charlotte, NC 28269

Both Robby Gordon and Marcos Ambrose will be in attendance as Ambrose’s car for his NEXTEL Cup debut is being prepared on site.

Gordon and Ambrose will not be available for further comment until that time.



“There are a couple of reasons why I’m doing this,” said Gordon.

“The first reason is that it’s unfortunate that Marcos got put in a position in Montreal where I was thinking, ‘OK, if I’m not going to win, he’s not going to win.’

“At the same time, I think he’s a talented race-car driver, and obviously he has the ability to compete at the highest level. He showed that last weekend in the Busch race, and I felt that this opportunity would be a make-up.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t get to finish the race the way either one of us wanted to finish it last weekend, and now we’ve got an opportunity to try to put on a good show again this weekend at Watkins Glen.

“He will be driving a brand new, purpose-built road racing car in the Camping World colours with a bit of Kingsford branding thrown in for good measure.

“As a team owner, I’m excited about giving him this opportunity. I look forward to running two cars this weekend, I look forward to getting them in the show, and at the end of the day, I hope it comes down to the two of us to win the race.”


“Well, they say that America is the land of opportunity and I guess this is proof of that,” said Ambrose.

“A bit of old outback Australian culture involved playing a game of Australian football, having a fight and then heading to the pub together for a beer – I guess this is a bit like that.

“This is part apology and part compliment on Robby’s behalf. I believe we can have a solid run this weekend and give Ford, Camping World and the rest of Robby Gordon Motorsports’ sponsors a good return on their investment.

“In some respects this is a no-lose situation for me because I get to break into Nextel Cup without the regular burden of things like owner and championship points.

“Obviously, this indicates there is no animosity between us, and we will both be out there looking for the best result possible in our Fords.”


“I have to say that the way Marcos has handled himself since the incident last Saturday impresses me more every day,” said Geschickter.

“He has been enormously professional and I guess this opportunity, in some ways, is a result of his attitude.

“I am also happy that Kingsford can be a part of his Cup debut in a car prepared by Gene Nead.

“Wood Brothers/JTG Racing are also happy to be providing the staff which will enable Marcos and another Ford into Sunday’s race.”


Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Robby Gordon Motorsports fields the #7 Ford Fusion in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series. With sponsorship from Motorola, Monster Energy, Menards, Mapei and Jim Beam, Robby Gordon will run the entire 2007 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series schedule. The program, now in its third year, utilizes Roush/Yates motors. The racecars are developed in-house at Robby Gordon Motorsports.

- if Marcos Ambrose is able to qualify for this weekend’s Centurion Boats at The Glen he will become the first Australian to start a NASCAR Nextel Cup race since Geoff Brabham finished 38th in the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on 6 August 1994

- starting this weekend’s Cup event will make Ambrose the seventh Australian to race a NASCAR Nextel Cup event

- Dick Johnson is the only Australian to race a NASCAR Nextel Cup event at Watkins Glen. Johnson qualified 15th and was classified 27th in the Bud at the Glen on 12 August 1990, exactly 17 years ago from this weekend’s Cup race date

– Marcos Ambrose drives the No. 59 Kingsford Charcoal Ford Fusion for Wood Brothers/JTG Racing in the 2007 NASCAR Busch Series

- Ambrose is currently eighth in the NASCAR Busch Series standings and second in the Raybestos Rookie of the Year points

- Ambrose finished 21st in the 2006 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and third in the Raybestos Rookie of the Year standings, earning US$256,368 in 22 starts in the No. 20 Aussie Vineyards Team Australia Ford F-150 for Wood Brothers/JTG Racing

- Ambrose won two consecutive Australian V8 Supercar Championship Series titles in 2003 and 2004 for Ford

- Ambrose was born in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Local New York (US Eastern) Times
Practice 1
Friday 10 August 2007
11:50am – 1:20pm

Friday 10 August 2007

Practice 2
Saturday 11 August 2007
10:30am – 11:20am

Final Practice
Saturday 11 August 2007
1:50pm – 2:50pm

Race – 90 laps
Sunday 12 August 2007
2:00pm US Eastern

Sunday 12 August 2007
1:30pm US Eastern

Australian Eastern Standard Times
Practice 1
Saturday 11 August 2007
1:50am – 3:20am

Saturday 11 August 2007

Practice 2
Sunday 12 August 2007
12:30am – 1:20am

Final Practice
Sunday 12 August 2007
3:50am – 4:50pm

Race – 90 laps
Monday 13 August 2007
4:00am US Eastern

Monday 13 August 2007
FOX Sports Three
3:00am – 7:00am

Monday 13 August 2007
FOX Sports Three
10:30pm – 1:00am

Location: Watkins Glen, New York
Track Length: 2.45 miles (3.94 km)
Race Distance: 90 laps – 220.5 miles (354.86km)
Circuit Type: Permanent Road Course (11 turns)

NASCAR Nextel Cup Race Record: Mark Martin (2hr, 11min, 54sec) 13 August 1995
Cup Qualifying Record: Jeff Gordon (70.798 seconds/124.580mph) 8 August 2003
Defending Busch Race Winner: Kevin Harvick
Defending Busch Polesitter: Kurt Busch

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A better Monday
I had a particularly bad weekend with gout pain. Especially Friday and Saturday night. The pain is worse than anything I have experienced ever! I think what triggered this last week of pain was seafood and one margarita and one bahama mama. Don't laugh y'all, I am dead serious!!! NO MORE ALCOHOL for this puppy. Last week had been pretty rough with pain in my ankle. Thursday night I had a Margarita with work mates after work and Friday night John and I went to Red Lobster where I had grilled Salmon and Bahama Mama. I guess the combo was just too much.

I FINALLY had a good sleep last night and was virtually pain free. I put this down to eliminating all trigger foods from my diet for the whole weekend. I only ate fruit (bananas, cherries, blackberries, pears and rockmelon, veggies, rice, multigrain bread, yoghurt and I drank 2 glassed of pure cherry juice a day (recommended for gout). My ankle is a little stiff this morning but bearable. I feel so much better mentally as this thing really got me down on the weekend. Soooooooooooooo HI HO HI's off to work I go......

The pic is of the two bucks who have been coming into our yard in the evenings. Should have my beautiful new camera sometime this week so I will soon have some good quality pics to share with y'all. If I can work it out!!! hehe.

Have a great week my friends XoXo
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