Friday, August 26, 2011

Batten down the hatches!

I have been up for an hour and it is still only 3.45am! Poor Ruby has an upset tummy she let us all know.......too late but none the less she let us know! She eats the most gross stuff, it is any wonder that she gets ill from time to time. Why do dogs do that? It is not like she is hungry. It is really hard when you live in the country to monitor what they eat when they go for a little wanders off the mowed lawn. Especially when she goes over into the horse pasture. She even eats hoof clippings. Ok I am going to change the subject now. Sorry!
Hurricane Irene is looming and hundreds of thousands of lives will be effected. What a week for the Mid and North Atlantic states, first an earthquake and now a hurricane! How rare! My Nana, bless her heart would be blaming it on Nasa! heehe Seriously though, I pray that those in coastal areas in the path of Irene heed all of the warnings and evacuate with their pets to safe havens. I pray that damage to property is minimal and that loss of life is nil. It is scary stuff! Stay safe all!

While I am up with time on my hands, I would like to share a photo with you of a quilt that my guild made. We all made a block for this quilt and one of our members pieced it and another member quilted it. The quilt was then recently donated to The Cobleskill Library. We hold our meetings in this library each month and the quilt was a token of our appreciation. It will be hung somewhere in the library. The quilt is even more beautiful than the photo depicts.

I am excited to be in two swaps here in blogland. One is a Christmas swap called Santa Sack Swap 2 and my awesome and fun partner is Donna in Florida. I am having so much fun with this!
The second swap is one that I linked up with from Donna's blog. It is a FRIENDS swap and hosted by an Australian girl Khris. I am delighted to have an Aussie swap partner, Sue, who happens to live in Western Australia. I have a son who lives in the north of this state so I feel somewhat akin to Sue!
So there you have it. I have become a swapper! What does one send to a swap partner? This is all so new to me but I am thinking of things that I would be happy to receive and doing some research into my partners as well. Something handmade? Something bought? A bit of both? How fun!

In the meantime I have a couch full of customer quilts lined up. 8 in fact! So I am off down to the basement with a coffee, to listen to my latest audio book, Franklin and Lucy (about the affair of Franklin D Roosevelt and Lucy Mercer) and to load another quilt onto the frame.
Ooroo for now!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a birthday doll takes shape..

My only daughter, Louize (weezie, poo, Lulu, Lou) will be 37 this year. For the past 12 years I have made her a doll for her birthday gift. This year will be no exception although she did send me a quilt book this past Christmas with a pretty ribbon marking the page of a 'quilt'. That's a story for another blog! Her birthday is at around Halloween time and I am usually frantically trying to put the finishing touches on the latest and greatest doll to be then packaged up and flown across land and sea to the land of Oz! Anyway this year I am way ahead of the game and have already started the birthday doll. Years past I have made angels, faeries, country gals, primitives and even a little amish doll. This year I am making one of Mimi Kirchner's hand-sewn felt dolls. It is very relaxing and I am enjoying working with felt, it is so forgiving and pliable! I am making the middle dolly. This little girl is going to be Pearl Bea, named after the blog where I found the free pattern and tons of other great ideas! The Purl Bee.

Tonight I am going to a canning workshop at our local agriculture extension. Should be fun and hopefully I shall retain some knowledge! I am usually running on empty by evening. We shall see. My friend Bonnie is coming with me and I told her to prod me if I start snoring!

It's been raining for a couple of days, the horses are sodden and of course would rather stand out in the rain than go into their shelter. The dogs are restless and need a good run. Ivan the cat could care less as he dozes high up on a basement window sill keeping one sleepy eye out for anything moving outside. Have accomplished much these past wet days, blocks for friends quilts, sacks for christmas swaps, bits of dolls, other things I cannot mention and some baking for us and a sick friend. I love a few rainy days now and then just to slow things down and get all those little things done. Oh and I cleaned the oven and fridge this morning! yay me!
Here are some of Weezies past birthday dolls...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

a nip in the air

It has been a lovely week, with a crispness in the morning and evening air. I am so much more alive when the weather is cooler. I spent 5 whole days from Saturday till Wednesday working on a customer quilt. This quilt came to me with a row of quilting already done. It was not in very good shape because the quilt had been on this ladies frame for several years. She had in the interim lost her hubby and will to finish this quilt. It was a king and JUST fit on my frame with only room left on each end for my machine. The quilt was covered in fused applique that had not been stitched down and most of it was coming unstuck. I spent 18 hours ripping out the VERY tiny stitches and then reironing down the applique. I put in new batting and loaded the quilt onto my frame. I meandered the whole thing and sewed down the appliques as I came to them. It was all I could do and all the customer wanted me to do. I was pleased with how it came out under the circumstances. What do you think?

My son Joe is trying to get his Liberian girlfriend a visa so that they can come for a visit in November. She has already been denied an australian visa which is the pits! We have written an invitation letter to the Embassy of the USA in Monrovia on her behalf. We are now praying that she will be allowed to come and then one day soon she will be allowed to visit Australia too. I do believe that Joe and Ruth will eventually marry and that hopefully will solve all of her visa woes. I am trying not to get too excited but I can't help it!!

This weekend I am going to be working on my tote bag and first gifts for Santa Sack Swap 2! I tried to put a button on my page but surprise, surprise, it doesn't appear to be working - my fault, I know it!

ooroo for now!