Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 years on....

Can you believe that it has been two years since I blogged here? I finally got in here after many times of trying passwords. Yippee! Don't worry, my password is now locked away safely with all the other important stuff..
Gosh where to start? hmmmmm. Well here we are living in upstate New York - a far cry from Powhatan in Virginia but you know what, I think I am loving it a little bit more here. It snows a lot and it costs a lot but the beauty and serenity outweighs the negatives by far. The major things that have happened in the past two years have been the move, renting a house up here for 6 months, buying a house finally, our darling Sadie leaving us to live with a lovely couple who's own doggie had passed, our other darling Sheba passing a year ago, Joe coming for Christmas in 2009, Joe meeting Ruth, his love in Africa, purchasing a Gammill Long Arm machine and setting up an Etsy shop and a Long Arm Quilting business - Pieceful Hollow Designs and David moving to a group home. That is just a synpopsis and I will fill in details and add photos as I get reaquainted with blogger.......I am so excited to be back!!! woo hoo!!

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