Friday, March 18, 2011

Life throws us a curve ball!

Last month we were driving home from the city along the interstate. It was an extremely windy day with 60 mph gusts but a fine, sunny day otherwise. There was still deep snow in most areas. Coming through a hilly section of the interstate we noticed a cop pulled over on the left side with his lights flashing. This was not unusual to us and John went to the middle lane of the three lane h'way. There are often cops sitting like this with lights flashing, finishing off their paperwork after pulling a speeder etc. We were not alarmed and thought nothing of it. Further up the road we noticed that there was a white out from snow being blown across the road by a wind gust. John slowed to 60 on the 65 mph road and then we were in the white out and it was blinding, he immediately braked and we could see that there were at least 3 wrecked cars in the whiteout, a troopers car and a parked tow truck. The section of the road was covered in an ice/snow mix from the blowing wind and we immediately slid wildly from one side of the three land road to the other before doing a 360 and slamming side on into the tow truck!!!!! I saw my life flash before me in a matter of seconds and then we came to a halt miraculously between the troopers car and another wrecked car (hitting neither of them). I couldn't believe that I was alive and nothing seemed to hurt very much! I looked across at John and he was unconsious!! Ahhhh!!!
A month later, we are both ok now, the truck is being repaired to the tune of over $10,000 and our life is resuming some normality. We learned a valuable lesson about driving in winter and that nothing is ever what it seems to be - out there on the roads. I thank God and our lucky stars that we lived to tell this story.


Suzanne said...

Oh mine... you have given me shivers... what a story!! I am glad that you are doing ok now!!

Sally Westcott said...

Thank goodness you are Ok!