Thursday, October 9, 2008

Big move..

I am sitting here this morning, sipping my coffee and pondering our big move. Ivan my faithful morning companion is meowing by the door but it is not 5 yet and much too dangerous for him to be gallivanting outside. After all we do live in Fox Rest! LOL.
How does one collect so many 'things' in 5 years???? Yes that is how long I have been in the USA and I have such a lot of stuff that would need to be packed and some that would need to be given away too!
John may have to start his new job in the next few weeks! I will stay behind with David and the zoo until at least Christmas. My sister and her man are coming for Christmas and there is no way I will disrupt that trip!!! It will indeed be an Aussie Christmas in Virginia! So many questions and not many answers yet. Should we sell the house? Rent it out? Rent or buy in upstate NY with the way the economy is? It is such a volatile time and not a good one for selling or buying. Maybe we should rent at both ends for a bit. How does one rent with 4 dogs and a cat? LOL. Ahhhh the more I think, the more my head hurts. Johnny is so calm and rational, I am so glad about that.
I do feel sad about leaving the little piece of heaven that we have created here. Heaven to us anyway and hopefully it will be heaven to someone else soon.
Ahhh leaving my job and my lovely boss who has become my good friend is another heartache. Sigh.
The dolly is Charlotte and after I made her for my daughter and packed her up and shipped her to Australia, I looked at the photo that I had taken and realized that her wings were on upside down. hehehe. I guess she having some problems with her flying capabilities. Poor Charlotte. Gosh it is almost time to make Lou a birthday doll for this year and I only just got finished with last years doll! I fear I will be late again.....nother sigh.

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Cotton Picker said...

Thank you for the comment that you left on my blog.

Did you know that the Dotee doll was invented by an Australian lady by the name of Dot Christian? I don't know that a pattern is available for these dolls, but have a look at the Dotee doll group on Flickr for ideas.

They're fun to make.