Friday, October 17, 2008

Rainy Friday

It's a lovely cool and wet Friday. I am taking off work. John and I were going to go to NY for the weekend again but something came up and he needs to be in Richmond today. I took off anyway and I am going to make a 'to do' list and get started on our plans to move. The only thing standing in our way to move to NY now is that the offer will be too low. But on all accounts we think it will be a good one.

John's boss told him yesterday that the formal offer will be made on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. He will start up there November 3rd. David and I and the menagerie will stay behind till at least after Christmas. I will continue working until then. I think we can manage to not murder each other. LOL. It will be a lot of work, but I am WOMAN and what more can I say. hehe. Poor John will be lodged in a motel for the next few months.

The best news so far is that I will not have to drive my car to NY. I was soooooooo worried about that. I found out yesterday that they will ship one car for us and guess whose car that will be. Me and Mine. wooohooo, one less worry!

Ok the second piece of news is that Zac's passport is finally in the mail and as soon as it arrives he will be booked and on his way. I had an official email from the passport office to say that everything is now sorted out (thanks to the intervention of one mother on a mission) and sorry for all the confusion and delay. Zac is excited and I am excited........we are all anxious!

There is so much to look forward to for us. Missy and her John will be here for Christmas, Zac too. Throwing in my job is starting to excite me too. I think i deserve to have some home time. Wow NY here we come. Will we like living with all that snow? Will John like going to an office every day. Will he like being in charge of an office of women, this will certainly be new for him! Lots of questions and lots to do.

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