Friday, August 26, 2011

Batten down the hatches!

I have been up for an hour and it is still only 3.45am! Poor Ruby has an upset tummy she let us all know.......too late but none the less she let us know! She eats the most gross stuff, it is any wonder that she gets ill from time to time. Why do dogs do that? It is not like she is hungry. It is really hard when you live in the country to monitor what they eat when they go for a little wanders off the mowed lawn. Especially when she goes over into the horse pasture. She even eats hoof clippings. Ok I am going to change the subject now. Sorry!
Hurricane Irene is looming and hundreds of thousands of lives will be effected. What a week for the Mid and North Atlantic states, first an earthquake and now a hurricane! How rare! My Nana, bless her heart would be blaming it on Nasa! heehe Seriously though, I pray that those in coastal areas in the path of Irene heed all of the warnings and evacuate with their pets to safe havens. I pray that damage to property is minimal and that loss of life is nil. It is scary stuff! Stay safe all!

While I am up with time on my hands, I would like to share a photo with you of a quilt that my guild made. We all made a block for this quilt and one of our members pieced it and another member quilted it. The quilt was then recently donated to The Cobleskill Library. We hold our meetings in this library each month and the quilt was a token of our appreciation. It will be hung somewhere in the library. The quilt is even more beautiful than the photo depicts.

I am excited to be in two swaps here in blogland. One is a Christmas swap called Santa Sack Swap 2 and my awesome and fun partner is Donna in Florida. I am having so much fun with this!
The second swap is one that I linked up with from Donna's blog. It is a FRIENDS swap and hosted by an Australian girl Khris. I am delighted to have an Aussie swap partner, Sue, who happens to live in Western Australia. I have a son who lives in the north of this state so I feel somewhat akin to Sue!
So there you have it. I have become a swapper! What does one send to a swap partner? This is all so new to me but I am thinking of things that I would be happy to receive and doing some research into my partners as well. Something handmade? Something bought? A bit of both? How fun!

In the meantime I have a couch full of customer quilts lined up. 8 in fact! So I am off down to the basement with a coffee, to listen to my latest audio book, Franklin and Lucy (about the affair of Franklin D Roosevelt and Lucy Mercer) and to load another quilt onto the frame.
Ooroo for now!


Sue said...

I hope Ruby's tummy gets better, our dogs used to love the hoof trimmings, I'm sure they had lots of nutrition for them.

Donna said...

The quilt is amazing! Beautiful!

Dogs & cats have strange tastes. Cha Cha acts like she has won the lottery if I forget & leave the toilet seat up. She has a thing for toilet water. Disgusting!

You are going to love the FRIENDS swap. My 2010 partner lives in Australia.

Sally Westcott said...

Just stay safe!

Dog is cute and almost as bad as our cat!

Hugz and Luv


Tonya said...

I've never known a dog that didn't like hoof clippings. It is like a chew bone for them.

What a beautiful quilt! I just found out we have a group at my library but the library is 35 miles away so I am not sure I can swing it at this point.