Saturday, August 13, 2011

a nip in the air

It has been a lovely week, with a crispness in the morning and evening air. I am so much more alive when the weather is cooler. I spent 5 whole days from Saturday till Wednesday working on a customer quilt. This quilt came to me with a row of quilting already done. It was not in very good shape because the quilt had been on this ladies frame for several years. She had in the interim lost her hubby and will to finish this quilt. It was a king and JUST fit on my frame with only room left on each end for my machine. The quilt was covered in fused applique that had not been stitched down and most of it was coming unstuck. I spent 18 hours ripping out the VERY tiny stitches and then reironing down the applique. I put in new batting and loaded the quilt onto my frame. I meandered the whole thing and sewed down the appliques as I came to them. It was all I could do and all the customer wanted me to do. I was pleased with how it came out under the circumstances. What do you think?

My son Joe is trying to get his Liberian girlfriend a visa so that they can come for a visit in November. She has already been denied an australian visa which is the pits! We have written an invitation letter to the Embassy of the USA in Monrovia on her behalf. We are now praying that she will be allowed to come and then one day soon she will be allowed to visit Australia too. I do believe that Joe and Ruth will eventually marry and that hopefully will solve all of her visa woes. I am trying not to get too excited but I can't help it!!

This weekend I am going to be working on my tote bag and first gifts for Santa Sack Swap 2! I tried to put a button on my page but surprise, surprise, it doesn't appear to be working - my fault, I know it!

ooroo for now!


Crystal Mary said...

Hello sweetness, i pray Ruth will get her visa. With Australia, get your son to bring her here, then apply for a spousal visa. Thats what Kerrylynne is doing with her hubby. I love you quilt..You have given me the bug. Lincraft have just released indiginous patterns and they are beautiful!!!!! So tomorrow Ray can go and buy me four differnt kinds.
Yes I am home and the pain is something you wouldn't dream about! No matter what I take, its still there.. less with the meds, but it never completely goes. I apply heat all the time.Yes Ray can cook, and he has been very good. I need to prompt him some, but we will get there. My daughter Daniella will come past and help also. I hate being so slow snd awkward.
Much love Crystal xxxxxxx

Tonya said...

Oh my goodness what a lot of work that quilt was for you but it looks great!

Sorry about all the Visa issues. I have no understanding of all that. I have barely traveled out of Mo; much less out of the country!!