Thursday, September 1, 2011

hurricane Irene left her wrath on our county!

Thank the lord that we bought a house on a mountain and that our house perches way up high on our property. Losing phone, internet and power was nothing compared to what others lost. And some poor folks in other parts lost their lives. This event has touched me greatly to the point that on Tuesday I wanted to just run away and not face any more images or messages. Thankfully yesterday I was ok again and made a trip to the local shelter with some food and other donations. It was heart warming to see everyone helping out in any way that they could, be it donating food, clothing or their time. We have people staying there who have lost everything and we also have 60 National Guard camped at the school. Bless their hearts.
I hope everyone out there in blogland is high and dry.

I have been madly busy with customer quilts and that part of my life was disrupted with power outages here and there but I managed to get some hand sewing finished up and LOTS or reorganizing of my studio that we have moved to the basement! Thank goodness that the basement stayed dry throughout Irene! phew!

Here are some photos of our raging creek during Irene. At one point it was 70 feet wide. These photos were taken when the rain had stopped and the water had already receded and I had ventured out with my camera. Another photo showing how high up our house is on our property.
The horses stayed in their shelter for 2 days! They are NOT silly!

creek before Irene!

house up high and dry..

I hope to catch up with everyone's blogs in the next day or two!

Ooroo for now. :)


Sue said...

I'm so glad you're safe and dry! There always seems to be something to worry about now the world is smaller due to the interweb. The river on our back fence flood sometimes and it's very scary watching all that water getting closer.

Johanna Zweden said...

I am happy to read that the storm passed you by without much trouble. I am happy that you safe and sound.
We here in Sweden have had horrible weather as-well,
We were hit by lightning,which is no fun! No Electra for a few hours, and telephone.
Greetings Johanna and from now one I will try to write in English as-well so you can understand what happens in Sweden.
Greetings Johanna.

Tonya said...

So much going on in so many places around the world this past year!

Crystal Mary said...

Hiya Robbie, Last year we went through shocking floods that were terrifying so I know how it was there for the people you have written about. I am glad you are fine. I would never live low...ever, as I also came through floods as a child. Glad its all over. I pray all those effected will overcome and it will get bettter for them. My love to you. xxxx