Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is it fall already?

Oh my how fast this year has gone! Seems like the snow melted in April, I blinked and here it is September. We had a strange summer here in the north east which included an earthquake and a devastating hurricane. These past couple of months I have been very busy with customer quilts. Now that's a good thing and I am not complaining - helps to pay the bills! Between quilting, the garden and the animals, my days have been full, and sometimes my evenings too. I have had little time for blogging and my etsy shop.
The good news is, the cooler months will give me more time for both!
I have joined a really cool etsy team called Promotional Frenzy Team and you can see the other members on the list to the right>>. Check out their stores for some really lovely items.

I wanted to share with you all a quilt story. When I first came to the USA 8 years ago. I lived in the city of Richmond Va, with my husband John. I had no friends there at all and I could not work until I became a permanent resident so I sewed all day. I made many quilts as you can imagine. Still I was lonely. So I joined a chat group on Yahoo, a bunch of ladies who quilted, sewed, crocheted, knitted etc. And a fine bunch too! In 2005 we all decided it would be nice to do a block exchange. Some of the ladies did not quilt so we made it an easy 9 patch block exchange. There were around 20 or so of us. Sadly 2 of the ladies are in heaven now and a couple of others are not doing so well. One of the ladies did her blocks with her good friend who is now an angel. The blocks were still sitting in a bag untouched. She gave me the job of putting them together and quilting and binding the quilt for her as she is not well herself. The friend who passed had cut the sashings and borders and written the layout instructions. Her chat name was Luci and I felt her with me the whole time I worked on the quilt. I hope you are happy with the results Luci. :) The quilt is now back with it's owner and I think she is happy.
Here is a pic of the quilt and the label. I also have a pic of the quilt that I made from the same exchange. I only completed mine last year!

my own quilt..

Happy Sunday everyone!


Inessa said...

That is wonderful story! Thanks for sharing!

Donna said...

What a lovely quilt story. And the quilt is absolutely beautiful. Happy quilting!

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Your quilt is gorgeous... WElcome to the Promotional Frenzy Team.

Sue said...

I love the story of those quilts and I'm glad Luci "came" to help you.

Crystal Mary said...

Oh Boy!! That is so so excellent..
I loved the story of how it all came about. And the colours are so vibrant..just me! Hey,have you got a clothes line?? Good onya.
I am going to give quilting a go when the weather gets warmer.Too cold still indoor in the day.
Wasn't it terrible not to know anyone and feel so lonely. I was like that also and it made me realise how immigrants to Oz must feel.

Johanna Zweden said...

What a lovely story.I have goosebumps now!!
I know she will love it,
I recognise your story, I left Holland nearly 36 years ago, when you are young you´meet people, but now that I live in Sweden (9years) I lost contact with the outside world because the Swedes who I meet don´t like handicraft!and fines my quilting very silly, cutting up lovely material and put them tougher again!
Most of my contact is now via the internet and my web- blog, and when I am in Holland I meet up with many ladies, who I met via our blogs.
Greetings Johanna