Thursday, September 29, 2011

my F.R.I.E.N.D.S. package arrived!

I wanted to stop on the way home from the Post Office. The anticipation was killing me. But I made it home, package intact.
Brewed myself a nice cup of chai and sat down at the kitchen table and RIPPED that post bag open! Inside were 7 packages wrapped in bright blue paper and adourned with pretty letter stickers.
I was spoiled rotten and my lovely FRIEND Sue really was a very good detective and I think I hit the swap jackpot when I was given Sue as my partner. This is what I got! Minus one Freddo frog that I ate immediately before he hopped away!

F - a beautifully embroidered felt heart with my horses, trees, flowers and bunnies.....just lovely! and a freddo frog of course!
R - a tube of Rolos, yum!! 2 very pretty red and cream fatquarters and red ribbon!
I - (inches) a 4 inch square ruler and a tiny 4 inch square cutting mat!
E - embroidery floss, 4 skeins of my favourite greens and pinks!
N - a lovely handmade pink and green needle case and needles! oh and nougat!
D - Dreena a delightful dancing doll!
S - and last but not least, Socksie, the cutest little felt cat who helps me to not lose the tiniest and sharpest pair of scissors you ever did see!

Sue thank you so much, I am absolutely thrilled to bits!!! xxx
and of course thank you to Khris for sponsoring this swap.

I think I will have another Rolo!!!

Ooroo for now :)


Sue said...

All that stuff looks very comfortable at your place. I hope the choccies are gone by now, heehee.

Johanna Zweden said...

It was worth the trip to the post-office
Lovely gifts
Have an nice weekend
Greetings Johanna

Anonymous said...

what a great swap parcel to receive,very nice