Sunday, September 25, 2011

this, that and the other..

Why am I back to my old routine of getting up at 4am! For the most of Summer I had been able to sleep until 5.30 but for the past 10 or so days I am back to being wide awake at 4 or before! And it is so darn dark now till like 6.30! The good thing is, I have time to do a blog!

I went to the city yesterday and besides a quick ride to Joann Fabrics and Target, I spent the afternoon sitting in my John's office doing some hand sewing. I sometimes do this on Saturdays, just so I can run errands or just explore the city. We are pretty limited as far as shopping goes out where we live. I do love to go to the book shops and grab a special coffee too! He loves me to ride in with him. It is an hour commute one way and as he leaves each day at 7 and gets home at 8 so I don't get to see a whole lot of him. So it is nice to spend some extra time with him on Saturdays occasionally. I did snap a couple of photos as we drove down our road yesterday morning. Fall does come early up here on the mountain and as you can see, even at 11am it is still a little foggy.

I have a lot of projects going at the moment. Dolls in the making, one for my daughters b'day and one for an order. 2 exchanges that I am in, almost done with those! I have a friendship quilt that I am putting together for a sick friend, the blocks for this were done by people all over the country and some from Canada and Australia as well! I have 2 customer quilts to do and I have to put a flimsy together for guild for October. Besides all the sewing stuff, I want to paint the living room before Christmas, and yes I will have to do that myself! It still has patched walls from when we bought this house in August 2009 - yikes!!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone and I will leave you with some photos of September customer quilts. I have been busy!


magdamagda said...

you've done all these in September?:(((( Oups I think i made... a scrunchie and maybe a necklace:(((( hahaha

The pic made me sigh. All those colors and fog, I almost miss falls in the temperate climate, but no no no I won't fall into that trap coz I know Freezing winters come next after fall and I really don't like those!:))

rooee said...

oh Magda you are funny!!
customers bring me their quilt tops (flimsies) and I quilt them on my long arm machine. I do make quilts from scratch for my shop though.

Symbolic Imports said...

Such beautiful quilts rooee and your photos are amazing. Fall does come early in some parts of the country, not too many leaves are changing in the south just yet.

Johanna Zweden said...

Real autumn , same here
It goes very quickly now, and at night we have the first night frost.
Beautiful quilts
Greetings Johanna

ElfRenee said...

Wow, 4am. That's just crazy. ;) Your quilts are amazing!!