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March 16 - 23 2007

Chucked a Sickie today..
In other words I took off from work. Not going into reason why though . I am having a go at making my first lot of pumkin soup in the USA. The pumpkin I am using is actually called Butternut Squash here but I know it as Butternut Pumpkin. I am also putting in some sweet potato and will saute a little ginger and cumin to start the whole process and give a nice pungent aroma. I hope to freeze bowls of it to take to work for lunches. With the weather being so nice, I am doing salads for lunch again and soup and salad sounds about perfect!

Just took this pic of Ruby poking her head out of her igloo. She loves her crate and her igloo. Maybe she feels safe in there? Sheba likes to lay out in the open. We bought her a kennel and would rather lie under a tree or on the deck. Ivan will lie wherever you don't want him too! King Ivan. It is so gorgeous out right now. Did I mention my new clothesline? I have clothes on it today, flappin in the sweet Virginia breeze. Let me show you the boss's handywork. BBS.
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Elliott Yamin
If you all don't know who Elliott Yamin is, wellllll you had better get out there and get his new CD and check him out for yourselves! He is Richmond's own American Idol and my gosh he is so loved here. Yesterday he came home and did a CD signing in town and the crowd was phenomenal. He is an amazing young man. I am going to get my copy on Saturday. Goooooo Elliott! (Elliott came in third in last years American Idol.

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Hump Day
Yea it's hump day. I love that word and I don't think I ever heard it in Aus. My lil Sissy woke me up this morning and I couldn't think of a nicer way of waking up. Well maybe one. hehe. She is such a darlin and my absolute 2nd best friend in the whole world. The good thing about sisters can tell them anything and they will not betray you or back stab you! We have have had many laughs over the years. One of the things that I miss doing with her is card shopping. We could stand for over an hour looking for a card for a particular person and reading all the funny ones until we were crying and running for the LOO!! We have the same nutty sense of humour. Here is a pic of my lil Sissy and her hell-dog, Daisy. Love you GaGa. xx
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Chilly St Paddy's day
Ok so I am typing in green today in celebration of St Patrick's Day. It's bloody freezing and I wanted so bad to spend some time outside. I really need to seperate my day lillies and generally tidy up the garden bed in front of the house. I think the hostas need thinning out too. Hopefully tomorrow will be warmer, well at least the wind might abate!

This morning Barb, my friend from the Richmond Quilter's Guild, and I met at Barnes and Noble for coffee. I say coffee but in actual fact I had a cup of tea. LOL. This is one of our favourite stores besides the Big Green Greenhouse and various and sundry quilt and fabric shops in the region. I found a gorgeous childrens book about a Border Collie so I bought that to give to our grand daughter for her first birthday next month. I thought it apt because her and Ruby were born in the same year. It is so beautifully illlistrated and the dog whose name is Floss, would be a dead ringer for Ruby if she had blue eyes! Also bought a book on wall stencilling that was in the bargain section. I always have to drag Barb away from th magazine section! She is a mag addict for sure. From there we went to our local quilt store to pick up the rest of our requirements for our class next Saturday. We have to drag each other out of this shop. haha. We are like kids in a lolly shop. When we were done we parted company until our class next Saturday .

The afternoon didn't warm up at all. The wind is howling and tomorrow isn't looking to promising. I think it will be too cold to christen my new clothes line tomorrow. Boohoo. I am going upstairs to play with fabrics......ooroo for now.

a pic of Barb and I taken 18 months ago at another quilt shop
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Yes thank God it's Friday!!! It has been a long week with missing that extra hour of sleep. I don't think the daylight saving change over has ever effected me as much as this week! Well today we woke up to very heavy rain and there is even some snow in the forecast for tonight. How weird is that, we had 81 and 82 on Wednesday and yesterday! Well the rain has got to be good for the new trees and it will be sunny tomorrow so I can't complain. Here is a pic of Ivan the Terrible, lying in the empty birdbath one afternoon this week. Do you think he thought he was invisible to the birds? He is a trip! Tags: ivan, birdbath, | Edit Tags

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