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May 9 - 26 2007

Outback Steakhouse will never be the same!
Yep we sure made our mark on that restaurant, arrived at 6 and almost got chucked out around 10. Red and I had the most wonderful racks of lamb, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. We drank rum and the boys drank beer and we laughed until we almost peed in our pants. Can I take 4 more days like this? bet your sweet bippy I can!Tags: marls, col, | Edit Tags

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Raining Cats and Dogs and Cows.....

Here is a page with some information on the Turkey Rhubarb Root, for those who have asked...

The Noosa High School's production of Grease is well underway with 2 shows down and 3 to go. Lou Lou is running on pure adrenalin now and I cannot wait to hear read the reviews. I will keep you all posted and hopefully have some pics to put on here too....

It is raining very hard this morning, I woke and had to dash down stairs to close windows. Reminiscent of the hard Queensland rain that is just a memory for even those at home now. I wish I could transport those dastardly rain clouds!

Have I shown you all the donut peaches? These little beauties are very sweet and stand up very well in a lunch box compared to regular peaches. I am not sure if they are a new variety but I had never seen them in Aus. They are about the size of a plum and flattish. Yummy too!

Hope y'all have a fab Friday and a great weekend!
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Up with the chooks (and the cat)
John and I have started taking Turkey Rhubarb Root for various reasons and it is not the easiest thing in the world I have ever taken! I wake early each morning with a very squeamish tummy and that is the reason I am up with the chooks yet again! This has been happening for almost a week and enough is enough LOL. (the results of the treatment far outway the side effects ) Last night I was so sleepy that I was almost asleep in bed when a couple of cheeky girls in Kansas decided to ring. Yes Sandy and Red! It was great to hear from them both and they sounded so happy and wound up! Sandy was busy cooking hamburgers on the grill and Red was hypo from a trip to Walmart. hehe. From what I hear, Col and Harvey have become the best of friends and the foursome have a busy and fun week planned!

Ivan the wonder cat has been faithfully getting up with me each morning. He knows my routine so well and waits patiently in the kitchen while I put the coffee on before he jumps up on to the washer where he gets fed (this is so the rascally puppy, Ruby, cannot get to his food. After eating he comes back and hangs with me until the first crack of dawn and then he is allowed to go outside for a nosey around. He is in such a routine!

Well it is 5am now, I am going to go cook my porridge and make the lunches! Have a wonderful day bloggers!
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Mothers Day Weekend
We had a lovely weekend. Sherry's new husband, Russell ( I call him Shoup) was in town from Nashville so we all met up for dinner in Richmond on Friday night. Carrie came too which was awesome! I had a couple of Margaritas which made me very mellow and relaxed. We ate like Kings and Queens and I was fairly good except for the drinks!

Saturday we found ourselves back in town hunting down sweet pea seedlings which I had the hardest time trying to find and ended up settling for packets of seeds. We bought the fixings to make a good sturdy trellis too! I have decided to plant these at the end of summer so they will bloom in fall. While at the nursery, John spotted a lovely potted shrub rose in a pale pink and he bought it for me for Mothers Day. It is quite large and looks wonderful by the front door but next weekend it is going in the garden! We also picked up a 50 pound bag of molasses corn for the deer and some wild bird seed for the feeders. When we got home there were the most beautiful roses on the front porch from my daughter, Louize. They are the most exquisite mauve colour and as you can see from the pic, just glorious! I was very spoilt with roses, John bought me a bunch of long stem double delights also!

In the evening the Shoup gang came over for a cookout and we had a nice time sitting around chatting and laughing. Sherry gave me Johns Mama's wedding band for Mothers Day. It is very pretty with wee diamonds set in a row across it. I was very touched as the the old lady had given it to her just before she died. I am wearing it on my opposite wedding finger. We planned a trip to Australia in November. We will drive to Nashville and drop David off at Sherry and Shoups apartment for 2 weeks. He will have Thanksgiving with the Shoup family in Chatanooga. It is terribly exciting and I am thrilled to be able to take John home at last to meet the rest of my family. He has been looking at flights and places to see ever since. We will go for 2 weeks.

I got to speak to Louize and Joe for Mothers Day as well as John Jr and Debbie. Never heard a peep out of the Zac man but I guess he doesnt realize that it is Mothers Day in the USA too! But it is all good and I am blessed!

Have a great week everyone!

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Action shot
Last one...
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