Sunday, February 10, 2008

January 5 - 17 2008

Snow, sleet and rain.....making of ice?
It snowed heavily for a couple of hours this morning. Turned to rain and now it is sleeting. Yes that probably means nice icey roads tonight! Yuck! Becareful out there folks, especially look out for that black ice on the bridges and overpasses. I took off today, sore throat and aches and pains so it worked out well considering that the snow came down at the commute time this morning. The three of us have been home relaxing today, nothing much else to do in this kinda weather. Think I may go and make a hot toddy!

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January Temps..
We have had a mild January so far this year. Some days the temps have been unseasonably warm. My first January in Va was a cold one with snow and ice on the ground for most of the month. I don't think many days got to be above freezing that year. That was January 2004. The next year was similar but the Januarys since have been milder. Global warming??? In fact Australia Day on January 26th 2004 arrived in Richmond Va with 6 inches of snow. A fair amount by standards here. John and I walked with Sheba to a park where kids sled when it snows. I think I have a pic of that. It was tough going because I did not have proper snow boots then. A very beautiful day though, I loved my first experience walking in snow. Since then I have really got OVER it. LOL. I don't want to drive in it either!

Gaile this is for you...

10-Day Driving Forecast for
Powhatan, VA (23139)

Forecast Conditions High/Low °F Precip.
Chance Precipitation Wind Speed High Temperatures Low Temperatures
Jan 14 Partly Cloudy
49°/28° 20%
20 %
Better Gas Mileage
Jan 15 Mostly Sunny
47°/24° 20%
20 %

Jan 16 Mostly Sunny
50°/30° 10%
10 %

Jan 17 Showers
47°/32° 40%
40 %
Get Tips for Driving in the Rain
Jan 18 Mostly Cloudy
48°/22° 10%
10 %

Jan 19 Partly Cloudy
42°/20° 10%
10 %

Jan 20 Partly Cloudy
36°/27° 10%
10 %
Better Gas Mileage
Jan 21 Sunny
47°/31° 0%
0 %

Jan 22 Partly Cloudy
52°/30° 10%
10 %

Jan 23 Partly Cloudy
51°/28° 10%
10 %
Check Vehicle Safety Ratings

as you can see the next weeks temps are fairly mild. 50f = 10cHave a great week everyone! xoxo

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In Memory of Dan Fogelberg...'Leader of the Band'

RIP Dan Fogelberg 8/15/51 - 12/16/07
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Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken is a staple food for most Southerners. John showed me how to fry chicken the first week I was in America. I begrudgingly did this for the first year.....every Sunday without fail. I never ate it but I would cook it for him and David along wtih a huge pot of mashed potatoes.

Year 2 I decided that I was no longer going to be cooking Fried Chicken and asked him to kindly eat it elsewhere as I did not want to be the one to offer him up this deadly combo of grease and chicken skin. LOL.He was fine with that and so we started to have other bad but not as bad Sunday dinners.....Baked Ham, Meatloaf, Roasted Chicken, Roast Beef, Roast Pork. Salad, grilled meat or fish never make to our Sunday Dinners.

Welllllllll just for a special treat I did make a pan of Fried Chicken this past Sunday and you would have sworn it was Christmas. I think John fell in love with me all over again. Whovever said the way to a man's heart is through his stomach is absolutely correct!!! So I fixed myself up some Pad Thai, enough to feed me for a week, and we all sat down and ate our respective Chicken dinners.

On a side note. Yahoo is being a pain in the butt and most times I cannot retrieve messages that ones leave me. Seems that comments don't appear at other times. I am seriously thinking of taking my typing fingers and my thoughts and heading off elsewhere to dribble on. Maybe google? I will keep ya posted.

Have a peaceful week all. xx
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Fun with a hat (and a few beers)
When we got together with my family for my daughter, Louize's birthday as well as Thanksgiving, this old hat was passed around and I snapped pics of some of the results. It is amazing how one hat can transform the look of a person. Warrick looks very Irish, Gaile looks very cheeky! We had a lot of fun that night. More blogs and snippets from our trip to come...








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