Sunday, February 10, 2008

August 15 - 26 2007

Deer Oh Deer LOL
Just took this dusk pic. Sadly, these two regular guys will disappear come October, for one reason or another.

GOOD news........I have been pain free for two days!! woohoo!!

Have a great week my friends!
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Oh deer!
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Introducing Brissy!!!
This is the newest member of our family, Brissy. He has a blue eye and a brown eye! Makes him special I think. He was born June 29th and he has the same parents as Ruby. He looks a lot like his Dad with his spotty muzzle. He has a totally different nature to Ruby, he loves cuddles and so far touch wood he isn't heeling us.

It has been a strange day today, overcast and looking like rain threatening, humid and still. I took off to try and keep off my ankle. Chasing puppies isn't very restful! LOL. John says I do not know the meaning of rest. Ha!

This morning I got to call my baby, Zac. He is still working at the Broome Airport and got to see Hugh Jackman coming through recently. I am so relieved that my boy has finally found a job that he seems settled in. He has booked his flight to Qld for the same time we have. I can't wait to hold the skinny rascal and see for myself that he is OK.

Gotta go make some salad for dinner to have with our barbeque chicken. (mashed taters and corn on the cob for the boys!)

Toodle loo..
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Tuesday catch up!
My gout test results have come back negative! Yippee! Now it is back to the drawing board though. Next Monday I am off to see an orthopedic guy, my doc now saying that I could have a small stress fracture in my left ankle. At least that is curable right???? I bloody hope so!
Can't believe I am talking about what ails me again.....

Sunday morning we went to visit Foxgrove Farm. This is where Ruby was born. Her mama had another litter at the end of June. Three boys and three little girls. Same daddy. After playing with these little cuties for a couple of hours, we decided to bring one into our ever growing family. We chose a little boy and have named him Brissy(short for Brisbane). He is so much more affectionate than Ruby was at that age and he loves to follow John and I everywhere. He is black and white where as Ruby is a tri. He is very much like his daddy and has black spots on his white muzzle. Very handsome indeed! Ruby finally has a playmate and poor old Sheba is off the hook. LOL. I am sure I saw Ivan roll his eyes as he watched from the front porch as I got out of the car with Brissy. I could almost hear him we go again!!! Brissy is settling in well and his first two nights here have been a breeze! I will post pics of him soon.

Sunday night we went to see Keith Urban at the Richmond Colesium. The show was fantastic, what a humble guy he is. He is truly loved by his ever growing band of fans and watching him react with them, I can certainly see why. He is a people person for sure and it is refreshing to see. He is such an incredible guitar player, fantastic! He even played a bit of bass as well as a couple of tunes on the piano. Multi talented for sure. Nice to see he hasnt lost his accent either. When he came out for his encore he sat at the piano and quietly thanked the audience for all their support over the past year and said that if it weren't for Nicole, he would not be sitting there tonight. He dedicated the next song to her. It was very touching and personal.

It was a great weekend all in all and I am still playing catch up with the chores around here. Work kind of gets in the way of what I want to accomplish at home......strange that eh?
John was up at 3.30 and off to Baltimore this morning for a meeting. I hate him getting into to all that traffic up in the DC area. Poor bugger. He will be a sight for sore eyes this evening when he comes through the front door.

I hope everyone has a great week. The dog days of summer are here and hopefully the really hot weather is almost gone. I say bring on FALL!!

ooroo for now XOXOX
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Ivan and the deer
Hopefully you can see Ivan slinking along in the grass behind the deer. He is a trip!Tags: | Edit Tags

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