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October 29 - November 11 2007

Waltzing Matilda (the meaning of)
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My sisters holiday pics.......
As I mentioned in an earlier blog, my sister has been on holiday to the south island of New Zealand. Before she left, she bought the exact same camera as mine . LOL true! I told her to hurry up and learn all about it so then you can teach me a thing or two or three! I had to share these pics taken with the new camera. New Zealand really is a beautiful place.

Chard Farm Lookout


A view from a restaurant table!

My Niece's boyfriend's parents live in this old church

Lake Hayes

Another of beautiful Lake Hayes

Well in just over a week we will be in the sky and heading for Aus. Everyone there is as excited as we are. I am like a kid at Christmas!

We got news this morning that my grandson Beau who is 12 has been accepted into a Soccer School of Excellence for his High Schooling which starts at the end of January. Only 10 boys are accepted on this scholarship for 8th grade each year. It will mean a heck of a lot of travel for him at his young age. He will have to get up with the chooks to get there each morning and come home in the dark. Hope it is all for the best.

Well my hunter is about due back from the woods so I best get supper finished....Happy Thursday all!

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Busy Week..
Oh yea the week was busy and here it is Sunday again! Halloween night was great, the weather was perfect to be outdoors at night and the kids from our neighbourhood came! We had 19 in total, 7 more than last year! Word must have got around that those people up the hill have good candy. LOL. John spent the night doing reports for work so I had to tend to those trick or treaters myself. Ivan helped of course and the dogs all chimed in when someone would come to the door. That witch that my daughter had sent from Aus was a huge hit and each time the door bell rang she would cackle and kick her legs. Fabulous! Thanks Lou! The candy held out, in fact we had some left. Yippee. I always worry about not having enough. Most of the kids came with parents, a few older ones came on their own. Our neighbourhood does not have street lights and everyone has long driveways so it is quite a distance to walk, mostly parents drove their kids around.

John and Ruby celebrated their birthdays on Thursday. I had a cake made for them and all the puppies and kitty had a small piece. Ruby loves cake! I made a nice dinner for John (which you all know included mashed potatoes) and we had a little party, just the three of us and the zoo.

The weather has turned chilly. I remember when I went to Aus at this time 2 years ago, there was snow on the ground. It is unreal coming from snow and into 100+ temps. Still it feels as though snow is a long way off yet. Heck we havent had days in the 50's even yet! No doubt they are coming!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.........Toodle loo..
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Missy and Hayley

my beautiful sister, Missy and her equally beautiful daughter, Hayley.

This pic was taken in New Zealands South Island where Hayley lives. Missy just got back from spending a week with her. She said it was a very cold spring!
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A Knock at the Door
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