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July 4 - August 3 2007

Long weekend....wooohooooooo
Thank goodness it is Friday!!

Last night I had went to an appointment to have a mole removed from the crook of my neck. It rubs when I travel in the passenger seat of a car I also seem to catch it lately when brushing my hair. It has been bleeding....just a little piece of annoyance! Crikey! The doctor saw fit to cut half my crook away and then had to use 6 stitches to put me back together! Bugger!

He also checked out my still swollen foot and finally decided that it is not fluid after telling me that for the past 3 visits. (I had cut all salt out of my diet and still did not go down). He said that because it was so very painful to walk on that he is pretty sure it is inflamation of the joint. Maybe even gout! Yikes!! I go back in 12 days to have my stitches out and he will do a gout test. Meanwhile he gave me some 'u-bewt' anti inflammatory pills and after only taking one dose.......I got up this morning and my foot touched the floor without any pain and I could walk down the stairs normally and without grimacing! I am hooting!!!! Still I want to know what is causing the inflamation. It goes between both feet, sometimes left and sometimes right and the swelling is just around the ankle. I guess I will know when he tests me.

Ops John is home, I need to lie down, supposed to be resting! more later......
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Look what I made
I found this old window in an antique shop and cleaned it up, threw on a bit of folk art paint, sanded some of back off, blasted it with the hose so that it would chip and then cut up a calender of Australian beaches and made two wonderful wall windows. Well it is actually the one window, two pieces laying on their sides. All I need now is a couple of knobs for them and they are done. And you all thought I was lying around all weekend!

Cost of window - $12
Cost of calender = free (gift)
Cost of Oshi's happiness = priceless

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Early hump day morning..
Well here I am at 4am Wednesday morning, wide awake and trying hard not to make too much noise and wakes the others up. Ruby now sleeps somewhere at the bottom of our bed and when I rose she raised one ear and opened one eye and gave me 'the look' and then moved herself into a ball, put her head back down and slept again. She is so CUTE!!!! If someone had said to me last year that I would be soon sharing my bed with a DOG....I would have said......YEA RIGHT!!!!! and here I am, happily sharing our bed with the most gorgeous little border collie in the world. Yep I am getting softer as I mature....LMBO

A girl I work with and her hubby and teenage son came out for dinner last Sunday and as we sat down to eat, I am guessing it was 5ish, our resident doe came across the yard for a feed. She was within 30 feet of the house and in full view of us sitting in the dining room. We have rattan blinds that were rolled all the way up so we were in full view to her as well. She is so very tame now and is loving the molasses corn that John has been buying! YUMMO!!! About 20 minutes later the two bucks came through. Now we think that these are brothers because they both have perfect racks, one being a 6 and the other an 8. They are still in velvet and look so handsome when they put their heads up and look at us straight on. They have become regulars in the mornings and evenings. AWESOME!!!

I was trying to take a pic of some crumpets I was having on the weekend for breaky when I dropped my little camera on the table. It is broken . The lens will not close, just stuck. I am not sure if it can be fixed. I am really pissed with myself. It probably fell about 12 inches from my hand to the table top and it didnt have a very had knock, must be touchy eh? I have only had it since last December so am not too pleased with myself. Soooooooo no pics of those two handsome bucks to share. I will take it to the shop on Saturday and see if it can be repaired. If not I guess I am up for a new one coz I just have to have a camera .

We are in a heatwave right now with the last three days hovering around the century. More of the same today. John put an A/C unit in the garage window and the dogs have been in there during the day. Even the shade of the trees isnt enough relief for our poor girls. Ivan has the run of the cool house all day, he isnt silly is he. LOL. I have been watering the gardens early, 6ish before work. It is just too stifling even at 7 at night to be out there in it. Crikey and summer has just BEGUN!!!!!!!

Ok that is me for today, hope everyone is staying cool and those in Aussie are warm. See ya all round like a record......

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Sunday night again..
This is a photo of my daughter, Lou and her hubby Wazza that I came across today. I think it is a couple of years old. I really miss my girl.

It seems that I blink on Friday arvo and it is Sunday night. Magic? Why is it that the weekends fly by and the weekdays drag on? Not that I am complaining about work, I am bloody grateful to have a good job and lovely workmates, but I do love my king and kingdom and I don't want to be any place else. It is so strange how my roots are growing deeper and deeper and sometimes I wonder to myself how am I ever going to leave this place when that time comes. I guess people who are in my situtation will never feel truly settled in either of their countries. And to anyone who isnt in this situation, this would be very hard to comprehend. My kids for one could never understand my deep love for the country that I now call home. I do love it here and there are many things that I will miss terribly.

Ok enough of that, I have to finish this blog, John is watching an item on Ebay and I can't be bothered firing the lappie up. We just ate a big Sunday dinner and I am about done in for the day. Hope y'all had a good weekend. SEE Y'ALL ON THE FLIPSIDE. Nighty night.
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Sausage Roll Recipe
Some of my American friends were asking about the sausage rolls that I made last weekend, here is the recipe, adapted with USA ingredients. They are pretty bloody good!



6 slices of puff pastry (in the USA I buy 3 pkts of Pepperidge Farm® Puff Pastry Sheets) 3 slices of bread 1/2 cup of boiling water 2 teaspoons of mixed herbs (Italian type herbs would do) I throw in an extra pinch too. 1 kg sausage meat (In the USA I buy one LARGE Jimmy Deans chub…it’s a bit over a kg) 2 small carrots finely chopped 1 large brown onion finely chopped 1 teaspoon of pepper 1 teaspoon salt 1 egg beaten Method:

Pre-heat oven to (Aussie) 220.c which is 425.F (USA)
Remove crusts from bread, place in a bowl and pour in the boiling water.
Allow to stand 5 minutes, squeeze out the excess moisture, and discard the water.
Combine bread, sausage meat, onion, carrot, herbs, salt and pepper. Mix well with your hands.
Cut sheets of pastry into ½ (Approx. 12cm width). Lightly brush entire surface with water.
I use a soft plastic piping bag (without the end attachment) to pipe the mixture down the centre of the pastry. My piping bag end is about 3cm wide. I pipe each ½ sheet TWICE…thickly. I use a blunt knife to cut the meat off when I finish a row. This all will depend on how big your piping bag is…or you could spoon it. The Pepperidge pastry is thicker than the Aussie Pampas type one. This is why I do it thickly. Otherwise you get too much pastry when they are cooked.
Fold the pastry over and seal edges with the prongs of a folk. Cut pastry in approx. 5cm length. (Up to you how big though) I use a plastic ruler as a guide and cut with a sharp knife.
I bake mine on parchment paper placed on a baking tray/cookie sheet, about ¾ of the way up the top of the oven. (The paper saves time cleaning and helps to brown them on their bottoms.)
Place on tray and then glaze each one with a beaten egg. Prick each one with a fork.
Bake in a hot oven approx. 425.F for 20 minutes or until pastry is golden. As all ovens are different (fan forced, electric) just keep an eye on the first batches bottoms too.
Makes about 30

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