Sunday, February 10, 2008

March 9 - 14 2007

The weather was wonderful last weekend. In the mid 60's both days. John spread grass seed with the ride-on with Sheba tagging behind. This was a new experience for Ruby who watched from the back deck. We planted 3 Bradford pear trees along the driveway, a Granny Smith apple tree across the side yard, looking out from the breakfast room, and an Okame flowering cherry at the top right of the drive. John also made me a two post clothesline and that will be set and ready to add the line this weekend. The line is situated along the front of the Magnolias in the back side yard. Stay tuned for pics! (It has only taken a year to build!) The Weeping Willow that we planted a year ago has grown a foot or more and is covered in small green knobs. I really thought that the last ice storm had killed it as it was almost horizontal with the ground. I had no idea that this tree was so hardy! Ok so it is hump day, I say bring the weekend on!!
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Entry for March 09, 2007
I saw a groundhog last weekend, doesn't that count for something??? It is only 27 this morning! Where is spring? I want to see the baby rabbits playing in the garden. Tags: | Edit Tags

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Where it began..
Three and a half years ago I landed in the USA.....the beginning of the rest of my life. A journey into the unknown some might say but to me it was more like coming home. I came across the ocean to be with my Eagle. This is a photo of us a couple of days after I arrived. I know that y'all will think this is a gooey cliche but our love really does grow and become stronger with each day. We go to work each day and look forward to our time together when we come home in the evenings. We lived in Johns home town of Richmond until a year ago when we found a wonderful place an hour from the city on a couple of acres. We just love it here and it really is our Bonny Doon.......our serenity!

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