Sunday, February 10, 2008

April 22 - May 9 2007

Here she is again, I am still not sure how to post more than one pic in a single blog entry.
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A few days late...
I wanted to share a photo or two of grand daughter, Carrie. She plays in a travelling softball team and here are a couple of her from this past weekend. She is only 11 and somewhat of a champion already. John coached softball for almost 20 years and Carries mum, Sherry was a very good player also. We are so proud of her, she is a terrific kid. Carrie adores animals and she already has her heart set on being a vet or working with animals at least.

Well Ms Red is on her way across the pacific. Wooohooo. I hope her and Col have a painless flight. Won't be long now and they will be here on the East coast. Not mentioning any names but those in Kansas are going to be spending time with her first!

Gotta go, another work day......have a good one all!
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Come meet Reddog
Hiya Quilters and Crafters!!!

As you all know our very own Reddogbrowncat (Marlene) is coming to the USA in a week or so! Wooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo. Red and hubby will be in Virginia at the end of May. I cannot wait to see them again! Just wonderful people. If any of you would like to meet this awesome Aussie couple, please come join us for lunch and a mini chat meet!

WHEN SUNDAY, MAY 27 at 11am


I will send a mapquest to anyone who is interested in coming. Roanoke is only a few hours drive for many living in parts of VA, NC ,TN and WV. This will be a great opportunity to see Red and also meet up with other mates from Textiles.

Hope to see many of you there!!!! Please forward this email to anyone who you may think of that I have missed. Thanks Y'all!!!
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My Own Little Digger.........
29 years ago I was 7 months pregnant and woke just before dawn with what I thought was belly ache. You see I had stood at the door of the fridge just a couple of hours before attacking a lemon meringue pie. (woman in my condition do that kinda thing) An hour later my little digger was born at dawn on Anzac day after a rushed ambulance trip to the hospital. He was a tiny little thing and we gave him the tough name of Joe to give him a fighting chance. He was born with a broken nose and dislocated hips, immature lungs and of course jaundice. Joe wore a brace on his hips until he was three and crawled like a little crab. Nothing stopped him though. He went on to play rugby for his school and even went to central America with his team. We love you mate! Happy Birthday Joe!
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An Aussie expat, Daryl (Daz) suffered a massive heart attack and died early yesterday morning. He will be sadly missed by his wife, Sue, their families and friends and indeed his expat mates here in the USA. He was 42 years old and lived in Texas. RIP Daz. Tags: | Edit Tags

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