Thursday, February 7, 2008

The personalities of dogs..

We have two Border Collies. They are siblings but not litter mates. They were born 8 months apart. These two dogs could not be more different than if they were different breeds! Ruby is the eldest and my baby girl. She is so loved and yet she is so aloof toward us humans. When she is in the house she is very obedient, loving and calm. She sleeps in our room, on the floor in front of our bed. She started sleeping in a crate in our room and from there went to our bed one stormy night and now she is on the floor. Occasionally she wants to stay outside at night if it is warm and we do not argue with her as she has a nice igloo out there and she is fenced in and safe. Afterall she is a dog right? LOL. When Ruby is outside with her brother, Brissy and her big sister Sheba (a labx) she has absolutely NO ears! I am serious. She totally ignores us. And heaven forbid if she escapes, we can holler till the cows come home and she won't come to us. It is soooooooo frustrating, we have tried to bribe her with treats and rewards but nothing seems to work. She was so easy to train in other ways.
Now Brissy on the other hand is a people dog. No matter what he is doing, he will come to you if called. He is so affectionate and willing to do whatever to please you. These doggies love each other to bits. I do think Ruby is a little neurotic though and this is not uncommon in BC's. She tends to play bite at Brissys neck and make a faux growling noise when we are around and she runs underneath him and tries to tip him over. He is so much bigger than her now! Ahhh they are so fun to watch. Even the older dog, Sheba joins in their fun and she is starting to mimick some BC traits now....the crouching etc. Sheba is the laid back one of the bunch but she does not miss a beat. She can hear everything relating to food that is spoken in our house and adjusts her position by the backdoor accordlingly! They are all different just like we are and they are much loved members of our family!

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