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April 8 - 17 2007

Early Tuesday morn
Yawnnnnn. Good morning all. It is almost 5 but I have been up almost an hour. The wind has been whipping around this house and through the trees all night. I have woken several times to its eerie sounds. Sometimes one of the windows gets a whistle in it too. Coming home from work yesterday I could hardly keep my car on the road. There were several trees down and I noticed that the horse yards on our corner had a big tree lying across a side fence. I guess the horses were in their stables as they were no where to be seen. My skin is as dry as bark from this weather and my legs have taken on a snake like appearance . Thank goodness for Bath and Body Works coupons.....the rate I am going through lotions!

What a sad day for Virginia and indeed the USA. Not much work was done in our office yesterday as the events at Tech unfolded. Everyone was glued to the news on their PC's. The big boss has two daughters who attend there currently, he called to say they were OK. Another guy who sits behind my cubicle has a sister there and he was frantic all day. Just before we left he heard from her. Seems that everyone here has a connection. Blacksburg is set in such a beautiful part of the countryside too making it hard to comprehend that something like this can happen. It is indeed wicked and something that those poor children will never fully recover from. Shocking! Please keep the students, families and friends of the deceased and injured in your prayers.

On a lighter note....I think we finally got rid of the tent caterpillers!!! Remember the hard time we had with them last year. Well on the weekend we attacked their tents while they had just started to hatch. We got some beaut stuff from Southern States and mixed it with water and John stood on the step ladder with a pestiside sprayer and got each and every last one. It took us a good while. I held the ladder coz he was right at the top... naughty, naughty. We got those suckers and they won't be dining on roses and apple trees this spring!!!!

Hope everyone has a good week! Ooroo for now ..

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Grease continued
One of the Letterman Jackets..
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Grease continued
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Grease comes to town...
Some of you know that my daughter is a high school drama teacher. Over the years she has enlisted me to help in some way with most of the productions she has been involved in. Being in the USA did NOT change things....LOL. For years she has been wanting to do the musical, Grease. Finally this year they got it and it plays next month and she is the producer/director. It is huge. They even have the car from the original Grease that has toured Australia. Anyway the one thing that she had problems getting her hands on were two Letterman jackets. They needed to be red. Mum to the rescue. I did the op shop search, ebay etc etc. Johns daughter Sherry got involved too and we kept running into dead ends. We could get an odd one here and there but not two the same and not red. Last week John was almost asleep when he had a brain wave. He remembered back to his old high school days and it dawned on him that his high school colours were red black and white. I called the school the next morning and spoke to the drama teacher who gave me an email address for the basketball coach. Well to cut a long story short, I got the two jackets (they are the personal ones of the coach).......they are packaged up and on their way to Australia!!!! Thank you so much Mr Johnson from Thomas Jefferson High School in Richmond. What a generous man!
Here are a couple of promo shots taken for the production. Gosh I wish I was there for this!
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Happy Easter Y'all
Yes Happy Easter! It is a beautiful brisk sunny morning here in Va. All the snow has gone and it seems as though everything has survived it. The ferns are safe upstairs in the sewing room for a couple of days. The weeping willow that we planted last year was almost horizontal with the ground yesterday morning but this morning he is his perky self again! Today we will have an Easter dinner just the three of us. John bought me the most gorgeous dozen long stemmed roses in mixed colours. I have to say I enjoy those more than any candy for Easter! Here is a pic of them and if you look close you will see a little chicken and egg-cart ornament. The Easter Bunny bought that for Oshi's first Easter. It is the oldest possession of mine and I carefully bought it all the way from Aus wrapped in a scarf in my purse. That little chickie has seen over 50 Easters now! Ok, it is back to a few chores now before I relax for Easter. We may even go into Richmond for the Easter parade this arvo. Have a good and safe one all!

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