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December 13 - 20 2007

Mama never told me there were days like this....
No she did not! I have been chasing my tail ever since our return from vacation. I cannot seem to get enough sleep for a start. I yawn all day at work and last night I was in bed reading a book at 7! I was suppose to be wrapping pressies! I am waking at my usual time long last. So many chores just haven't got done for this Christmas. We didn't get the all the decorations up in the yard, christmas cards sit unwritten on my desk, no rum or apricot balls or christmas pudding have been made. Pretty poor show eh? Never mind, the day will still go on and it will be lovely. We have spoiled David rotten and John has spoiled me rotten!!! I kid you not! Last night he won me a beaut Janome quilting machine on ebay! I can't wait to try that little beast out! I am so very lucky! We are taking David to church in the village on Christmas Eve, I hope he doesnt sing! That is a story for another blog...LOL.

I am still waiting for my sister to send me the first lot of photos from our trip. I accidently deleted them from one of my memory cards after I downloaded them onto her laptop. Thankfully she still has them and is mailing them to me....I almost freaked when I realized! I will share when I get them.

The weather has been cold here but no snow in the forecast until the day after Christmas. Boxing Day! Another work day for us in the USA. BooHoo!

Well it's a work day today too and our new toys need to be paid for so Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to work I go.

Ooroo for now xx
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I am so blessed!
I have the best friends in the whole wide world! Thanks to you all for making my life even better! Your thoughtfullness and kindness is always surprising me.Tags: | Edit Tags

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Still tired but happy!
Well here I am at long last. Gosh I feel so mentally healthy but still tired and cannot seem to get the sleep time figured. I think the 13 hour lay over in SF due to cancelled Chicago flight did me in. John isnt as bad. But I feel like my brain has been refreshed, maybe I did need a transfusion as Red always says! LOL. The best part for me really was the fact that Zac hung with John and I the whole time. That was amazing!!! The last time I went home I only saw him partying with mates, hungover or asleep! True. This time he really made up for it. Everytime I looked around he was breathing down my neck. It was so pleasing to see how he has grown into a man, working and all and all that hair cut off!! WOW!

I have so much to tell you all but time is the key right now. I have put a few pics on flickr but hundreds more to sort through and I am not going to bore you with them all. I will try and write some more on the weekend. Just want to say how good it is to be home and how lovely and Christmassy everything looks! Tis the season eh?

Oh and I will just end by saying that John just LOVED Aus and he says that he will have no trouble at all retiring there!! That sure is a load off!! Now he just has to get me out of Powhatan! LOL.

Missed you all. xx

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The journey is almost beginning...
I am up at Sparra's this morning. Even earlier than usual. We leave home in less than 24 hours now and I am as goofey as shit as I try to make sense of my last day here. I have 4 hours work to get through so I am trying to calm down. hehe. I was so nutty yesterday that my boss actually asked me if I would like to take the whole day out today. . But I said no, I will come in for a few hours just to annoy you! ha!
Last night we picked up Sharon. Y'all remember, she is John's exwife from about 25 years ago and she is staying here to care for David and the zoo while we are gone. She is upstairs sleeping still. Yea she sleeps normal people hours, unlike me. I wonder if she would mind if I call her Shags or Shazza? I will ask her today. The best thing about Shags is this.......she is a hair guess who is getting a cut and foils this afternoon???? Yes Moi. I will be brand new when she is finished! (I hope)

Yep it is down to the nitty gritty now. Have just the last minute things to put in our ports, toothbrushes, pills etc. John is as toey as I am. He still has a small section of the fence to put up today. The dogs will be able to run to their hearts content. We are so happy about that.

Well I am out of here, this will be my last blog entry till I send something from Aus. Everyone have fun and Happy Thanksgiving to those who are on this side of the pond.

Leaving you with a pic I took at work this week. I think this is the best fall I have seen in the 5 I have been here for. Strange really, I thought it would be a poor show with the drought and all.

Ooroo from a very excited Roo xx

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Haka in Texas?
Something on the news made my ears prick and I went into the living room to see if what I was hearing was correct. Oh boy! Apparently there is a large contingency of Tongans living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Welllllll at one of the local high schools there, a number of these Tongan boys play football and have taught the other kids the HAKA. This one high school, I think it was called Trinity, do the Haka before each game and they are on a winning streak all acredited to their new war dance. Ok this is all fine and dandy but since when did this war dance/chant become the pride and joy of Tongans? LOL. I know one Maori lady who will read this and probably cringe. The Haka is a New Zealand icon and I for one don't think it should be used by any other nation, race or team. Imagine if the Aussie cricket team did the Haka on the different if you ask me. Ok that is my rant for the night.......back to packing etc.

ni ni all xx
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